Catching Up

Brendan appeared at the door as suddenly as if he had simply materialized out of thin air, two sloppily wrapped burgers held by his left arm. He slipped inside with a sigh, muttered a "heads up", and then burgers found themselves being tossed through the air towards their respective owners noses. In a rare moment of dexterity, Chaos managed to catch the eatable projectile.

Brendan started the engine, then turned to face his two passengers. "I've got some bad news." Chaos could hardly hold back a sarcastic comment and settled instead on unwrapping his sandwich. "He's not here, is he?" Lindsey asked. It was more like she was simply stating an annoying fact than asking a question.

"No, he's not," Brendan said, an expression passing over him that Chaos couldn't quite place. "I think he's been busy, too. There was an explosion in Ohio, not even an hour ago." He pulled his fingers through his hair, turned his attention back to the wheel, and threw the car into reverse. "Someone's house got a chunk blown clean out of the side. Unfortunately, there are virtually no details yet."

Chaos simply starred out the windshield as they tried to pull back out onto the road, idly chewing a bite of his burger as he waited for the conversation to resume. But they seemed fairly settled on the matter, and he still had questions he needed to ask. "So we're driving to Ohio then?"

"Well I wasn't planning on driving to China, " Brendan answered. "Ohio's our newest lead. When we get there, we'll figure out what we have to do next."

"But he'll never stay where he attacked. He might as well wear a sign that says 'I did it! Arrest me!'"

Many others wouldn't have noticed the slight difference in the way Brendan sat behind the wheel, Chaos himself wouldn't have if he hadn't created him. Brendan held the wheel tighter and his shoulders rose, though his tone stayed perfectly level and conversational. "Do you have any better ideas?"

A moment passed, then two. Chaos simply thought about that. Did he have a better idea? Shouldn't he? These were his creations, loose in the real world, doing real damage. Shouldn't he be able to just wish him away? Or even just come up with some way to exploit some weakness only he knows about? The answer to that was of course not. You never really figured out a way to stop him in the story, let alone in a world you have no control over.

"No, I don't, " Chaos conceded. "But if we just follow him around, we'll always be one step behind. We need to figure out what he's after."

Brendan nodded once. "That's what we're trying to do. A good place to start is the explosion. Explosives aren't really his style, they're too loud and messy."

"I thought that was kind of odd too, " Lindsey added. "I mean, this is the Ghost Killer we're talking about. He doesn't leave a piece of fabric when he attacks, and now all the sudden he's using bombs? It sounds a little fishy."

"There's something else too," Brendan said. He couldn't help the smirk that spread over his face. "In this supposed attack, nobody was injured."

"Well if he didn't do it to kill anyone, " Chaos said, thinking aloud. "Then why do it?"

"Like you said, " Brendan sighed. "We're always one step behind. I think it's time we go catch up."

The End

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