Some Introductions

Spockeh, crew included, stood a moment, quiet as Jack continued his rant about them not having Dru with them. Finally, after he had somewhat quieted down, Spockeh spoke.

"I think we should probably go inside now," He suggested. It would seem quite odd to Wal-Mart staff if the dozen and change group just stood outside bickering and bantering about some unknown situation. However, Jack shook his head.

"It's like my Kryptonite," He countered. Digger looked at Scorch who grinned evily.

"I think we can fix that," Scorch said.

Three minutes, many arguments and a few laughs later, the crew, Derek, who was still there, Jack and his friend, who's name nobody but Jack knew yet, were all wandering somewhat comfertably around the snack aisle of the food section.

Scorch, Digger and Trucker were all looking at the different types of cookies, making comments on just about every-single-one, Ninja was being fussed over by Pheonix, and the rest just stood near the center of the aisle.

"Now I don't think we've done any formal introductions yet have we?" Spockeh inquired. Jack shook his head so Spockeh moved on, "As you have correctly deduced I'm Spockeh," He did a small theatrical bow just for kicks, "And my friend here is Bugger, our Tech guy," Bugger nodded, "We got Digger, Trucker and Scorch over by the Oreos," He pointed at the 'Three Stooges' of the group, "They're the Harry Houdini, Transportation and Demo guys respectivly." There was a short bit of exclaiming as Trucker fround the Moon Pies, "Anyway, we have Pheonix and Ninja over there," Pheonix was trying to brush all of the dust and what not off of Ninja, "And we have one of Dru's characters, a Mr. Derek Bentley here with us as well." He motioned to Derek who didn't even acknolege he was being mentioned. He looked the most out of place of them all.

Jack nodded and waited a brief moment before he proceeded, "Well as you can guess I'm JackRubashevskiy, and this is my character/companion Penelope." Spockeh nodded towards Penelope when she was introduced. She seemed a bit uncomfortable at the moment, but Spockeh attributed that to the fact that Scorch and company were tearing around the snack aisle like hell on wheels.

"I must ask Jack, how much do you know about the current situation?" Spockeh asked, "I assume you understand the basic rules on the cross-overs: There's a one-to-one ratio of 'good guys' to 'bad guys'. No body's powers or items will cross over with them, they come as they are without any of their equipment. But it would seem," he motioned at Penelope, "That that rule has been changed."

"Obviously," Jack commented. Trucker motioned to Scorch and Digger who all moved over towards another aisle.

"Hell knows what might happen if they reach the beverage aisle," Spockeh said, "I'm not 100% sure what's going on out there with the others, I assume they might be in the same situation that we are. The only ones that I know are in this fight are you, me, Dru, Asheyna and some guy named Crym or somethin'. If there's anyone else, I don't know. Also, I can't find out because my house just went to kingdom-come so my laptop went with it."

"Actually," Ninja said, "It didn't. I was able to snatch it before we left, I'm pretty sure that it still works." Spockeh looked at Ninja who looked at Bugger who looked at Spockeh.

"I ain't lookin' yet." Bugger said. Spockeh chuckled, his crew was always full of surprises.

"Meh, whatever," Spockeh said, he could worry about that later, "Now, back to business. We know our objective, it's simple and clear: Get Dru back. But there's a few more problems attached. One: We don't know where Dru is or who she's being held by. Two: We're displaced from any sort of housing at the moment and Three: We're SOL in the cash department making just about everything that much harder." He smiled, "Anything I missed?"

"Yeah," Ninja said, "We still don't have a plan." Spockeh flashed a slightly evil grin.

"Or do we?" He asked, "Or, does he?" He gestured towards Jack. Spockeh had a plan and it was crazy, but just so crazy, it just might work.

The End

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