Different Countries, Same Problem

Spook's alarm woke her up at 9:55, just as she had set it to do. However, that did not make the irritating beeping any less bearable. Spook snarled and reached out to turn it off, only to find her yowling echoed from somewhere underneath her bed. Peering underneath, she was surprised to find Ash lurking under her bed, looking distinctly uncomfortable.

"What the..." Spook looked at him concernedly. "What the heck are you doing under there?"

"Alara took the sofa." was Ash's only explanation.

Rolling her eyes, Spook scrambled out of bed and moved over to her beanbag, plonking herself down and once again opening up the laptop. She had timed her alarm so that it would leave her enough time to turn the prehistoric monster on before her rendezvous with Elo. Thankfully, the monster seemed to be being compliant today and within about five minutes she had opened up the MSN page.

Heya Elo! she typed, How's tricks? Any sign of Mr and Mrs Evil over there?

No, thankfully. came Elo's reply. Haven't you seen them?

Not a whisker, I don't think they stuck around for long. Who's out of your head your side?

Ryan and Prince Hermanos

The typing halted for a moment. Spook looked at the screen worriedly, something was wrong here, she could feel it.

Any villains? she probed.

The General.

Spook gawked at the computer screen, eyes wide as dinner plates.

"The General..." she whispered, "THE GENERAL!!!!"

"What's all the yowling about?" said Alara, striding into the room, looking somewhat disheveled. "And what's the General got to do with this?"

"The General's got out of Elo's head." said Spook. Alara gritted her teeth - although both character and author had only met the General once in passing, they had hated him on sight. The thought of him wandering around in their world - and the sort of havoc he could wreak there - didn't bear thinking about.

Uh oh.... typed Spook, more as a reassurance that she was still there than anything.

Oh yes, uh oh. I've sent the kids to their grandparents, but my hubby's staying with me. We've practically fortified the family room to keep anyone from getting in.

Good plan... all I have is Ash sleeping under my bed!


Once again, Spook sat back from the computer screen, thinking hard. She had to get to the states. How she didn't know, but something told her she had to be over there to help. Who knows, maybe other characters had run away from their authors and needed reclaiming. If Mr and Mrs Evil teamed up with the General... Spook cut the thought off before it reached its end.

Methinks I'm gonna try and get over to you. Any ideas how?

Elo was silent for a few moments, then the typing continued: I doubt you can get a plane, do the other two have passports?

Nope. That's the problem.



Sorry, it was Ryan... oh! He says we could try Willow travel! You got any willows near you?

Yep, this is rainy Britain remember, we have all sorts of trees here.

Well, go and find one soon. I think this just might work...

The End

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