Some Explaining to Do

Spockeh cringed he heard the explosion all the way from the parking lot of the Goodwill he and his part of the group were at.  It sounded pretty muffled, but he could tell that something was up. He looked at Scorch and Pheonix who bolted towards his Grand AM.

"Ok whatever that was it wasn't me!" Scorch said as he was sliding into the passenger seat.

"Right then what the hell was that?" Spockeh asked. He turned the car on and raced out of the parking lot. His house was a few minutes away, he hoped, when he got there, that he wouldn't find what he thought he would.

Scorch started racking his brain for answers, "Yeah I'm thinking somethin' around the lines of... C4 maybe. Or something a bit more like a shaped charge." Spocke merged with traffic semi-naturally and quickly made his way towards his house. A wave of anxiousness mixed with dread filled him. After all, Ninja and Dru were still at his house.

As Spockeh turned off the main throughfare and onto surface streets, he continued to worry about his house. I mean, not only would he have to stand up to the police, but, in time, he would have to stand up to his parents.

Apparently Phenoix was thinking along the same lines as Spockeh, "Don't worry bud, I'm sure everyone's ok. For all we know, it wasn't even on your own street or even the same block." Spockeh began calming down after that, he knew that hot headed people tended to make situations only worse. He turned the car, a bit sharply, noting that he was only down a few blocks from his house. Geeze, he thought, this is taking forever! 

He wondered if anyone had called the Columbus PD but that question was answered by the faint wailing of police cruisers. Crap. At that point, Spockeh decided that the speed limit was only a suggestion. He went just a bit over, enough so that he could get there quicker but not fast enough so that anyone else would pay them any ill attention. In just a few minutes he was turning his Grand AM onto his home's street, and almost ran into an sparkeling Audi TT. Spockeh exclaimed and swerved away, stopping quickly and hopping out of his car.

He noticed a few things A) Trucker and company were pulling up behind them; B) Ninja was outside the house, he looked like hell and C) There was a pair near Ninja. The pair looked like a couple, the man was of average height, build and had short black hair, the woman was slightly the same but with long blonde hair. He also noted that the woman's hands hovered close to her waist, Spockeh wondered if she had some sort of hold-out weapon hidden.

"Guys, hold it," Spockeh said. Scorch, Digger, Trucker, Bugger and Pheonix stopped slmost immediatly, "Ok first things' first: You're on my lawn."

The woman, unsurprisingly, didn't respond, but the guy did, "That maybe, but are you a friend or otherwise?" Spockeh noted a Canadian accent, he was quite familiar with that kind of accent because of a few friends of Xbox Live.

Spockeh shook his head, "If I were on either side I would be a friend to one and an enemy to the other so does it really matter? Oh and I don't think we've met yet... or have we?"

The man smiled for a moment, "Probably not. But I can guess who you are," Spockeh stood silent a moment, then motioned for him to continue, "You're Spockeh, reason being you stopped your friends with just a few words. You also said that this is 'your lawn' meaning that this is your house so you have to be Spockeh. As for who I am, I'm a friend."

Spockeh, again, stood silent for a moment then said, "Very well, but uh, we should probably continue this... somewhere else." he motioned around him, "I mean we are on the site of a bombing after all. But if you want to stay around for the cheery Columbus PD, please, be my guest. Ohterwise, I suggest we get out of here." The man stood a moment in thought, then motioned to his partner who holstered her gun. Spockeh nodded to the man and began walking over to him. The man's 'friend' wasn't exactly too happy about that, but she stood still.

"There's a Wal-Mart nearby, we can rendezvous there and carry on our conversation." He began walking back to the crew who were hopping into the vehicles, "Oh yeah, and uh, one more thing. You got alot of explaining to do."

The End

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