Networked and Nervous

Elorie’s netbook beeped from where it sat unused on the counter. Adding noodles to the water she glanced at it. She set the vegetables to cook then washed and dried her hands. Her computer beeped again just as her husband, Brigom walked through the door.

“Okay, we are definitely not having another kid,” he commented. “How soon till dinner?”

Elorie smiled. “Well Ryan was created with IrishLass and GiggleBoy in mind. But I do agree. Is Hermanos being useful at least?”

Brigom shrugged as he washed his hands. “No worse than their crazy uncle. So when’s dinner?”

“In about fifteen minutes I should think.”


Spook glared at her computer. Come on Elo where are you?

“You don’t think my parents got her do you?” Ash looked nervously where the MSN chat box had three messages form Spook to Elo on it.

“You don’t think they would do you?” Spook looked up shocked and worried at the idea. But before Ash could respond a message from Elo popped up.

Hey, sorry about that. Making dinner.

It was quickly followed by,

Isn’t it a bit late over there for you to be up. No wait, please don’t tell me you’ve had characters come to visit too?

Spook quickly typed out her reply.

Oh my god, yes! Ash and Alara woke me up this morning only to tell me that Mr. and Mrs. Evil had also escaped.


Elorie looked at her screen and swallowed a swear. Then as quickly as she could, for the pasta timer was counting down, she told Spook about her own visitors, what they had told her and the post in the Protagonize Pub that she’d come across.

I am going to sign up on the web page once the kids are in bed.

The timer on the stove went off and Elorie quickly went to turn it off along with all the burners. She came back to see Spook had responded.

I’ll do that too. Oh and Ash seems to think that Mr. and Mrs. Evil might be after you.

Great, Elorie thought, just what I need. She drained the pasta before responding.

Look, I need to serve dinner and it’s obviously late over there. Why don’t you get some sleep and we’ll talk in the morning. Say about 10 am your time?

Elorie dumped the pasta back into the pot and texted Brigom to let him know dinner was ready. Spook replied.

Sounds like a plan. Good night Elo.

Ni Ni Spook

Closing her netbook Elorie went back to finishing up dinner. Having General Wholowski after her was bad enough, but imagining him as well as Judas and Elektra after her was nuts. Elorie nearly cried. Don’t they know I have a family that needs looking after? I can’t go on a stupid goose chase like this.

Movement on the back porch interrupted her thoughts. A dark face. The flash of a white smile. Then the man was gone. Elorie clutched the counter as her family filed in. She looked at Brigom.

“I think you should take our kids to Nana and Pop-Pops,” she told him quietly as he came to help her.

“What why?” He asked.

“I just saw the assassin. I don’t know how well a modern house will keep him out, but I do know he wouldn’t know what to do with a car so you’d be able to stay safe there for  a week at least. Hopefully by then we can get everyone back to where they belong.”

Brigom watched her as she cut up the spaghetti for the little kids. “Are you sure you don’t want me to stay here?”

Looking up at him, tears rimming her eyes Elorie replied. “Yes, but I want to make sure our kids stay safe.” Brigom stepped towards her and pulled her into an embrace. “The General would think nothing of taking them to get to me.” Just like  the Van Helsings, she added silently.

“We’ll get my parents up here ASAP,” he told her before giving her a kiss and turning back to the table taking two plates with him.

After bedtime they got things set up. Brigom’s mom would come pick up IrishLass and GiggleBoy by plane, allowing Brig to stay with Elorie. Ryan would, of course, stay here Elorie and Brigom, along with Prince Hermanos. Elorie made her first post to the website and set her alarm for 4:30 am so she could talk more with Spook. Brigom found his battle ax from the Ren faire and polished it.

Camping out in a fortified bedroom, made Elorie fell a little safer. Sleep was still elusive as she kept praying for nothing to happen. Please just keep my kids safe.

The End

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