An Unsuccessful Hunt

"Urf. That wasn't so productive." Spook muttered as she skulked back into her room, Ash and Alara not far behind. All three looked distinctly worn out and irritable.

"My feet are killing me. I swear you must have dragged us across half the county!" Ash growled, massaging his aching ankles. Spook rolled her eyes and sighed, her feet were just as sore, and she was too tired to snap.

The Van Helsings had been nowhere in sight, no matter how hard they hunted there was no sign of the terrible two. They must have got a head start on them, and Spook had no idea how long they had been loose. For all she knew, they could be half way to Spain by now. Then again, where on earth would they go? In their position, Spook would probably have gone to ground somewhere nearby and waited for the right time to do what ever devilry they had in mind. And Spook was sure they were up to something.

"Dammit," she muttered to Ash. "Why did I make your parents so damned smart?"

Ash shook his head and Alara groaned and made her way back downstairs, hissing under her breath in some incomprehensible language. Must be Skathan, Spook reasoned, she'd only just come up with the language before this had happened.

With a groan, she flopped down into her beanbag - worn and battered though it was, it was still her favourite place to sit. Pulling the equally battered black Toshiba laptop onto her knees, she opened it up and checked her MSN.

"Ooh!" she exclaimed, perking up slightly. "Elo's online!"

Ash looked over curiously, scooting over to sit beside his author as she clicked on the avatar - the sun tattoo she'd come to know so well - and typed in her first message:

Heyza! How you doin over your side of the puddle?

The End

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