The Hunt Is On...

It took just over an hour for Alara and Ash to finally convince Spook that she had not gone mad. Spook had been doubting her sanity for a while and, after the major sherbert high the previous night, had wondered when it would finally desert her completely. Thankfully, after a lengthy explanation, the two characters finally managed to convince her otherwise. Lowering her spork, Spook sat on her bed (if the mass of blankets, sheets and other such randomness could be called a bed) and looked at her new visitors quizically.

"So," she said slowly. "I'm not mad, and you two appeared here overnight. Anyone care to explain why?"

Alara rolled her eyes. "I would have told you sooner but you were too busy threatening us with a piece of crockery. We came to ask for help."

"Help?" Spook looked confused. Unless it involved breaking something, nobody ever came to her for help.

"Well," said Ash, "you do realise we're not the only ones that got out, right?"

Spook gawked at him. She opened her mouth to speak, but then simply settled for  flopping backwards onto the bed. There were more of her creations roaming around here? Just when she thought this day couldn't get any more complicated. Ash and Alara were reasonably safe, but some of the others...

"Who got out?" she asked, trying to keep as calm as possible whilst ringing the bedpost as if it were someone's neck.

"Well, us of course," said Alara, counting off on her fingers, "a few random peasants, a couple of livestock, perhaps a brownie or two."

Spook relaxed. "Oh, that's okay. Those are harmless, thank gods."

"And my parents." said Ash. "They got out too."

"What." Spook sat bolt upright. "You mean Judas and Elektra got out?"

"Unfortunately." replied Ash, glaring at Spook. "You should have seen this coming when you created them. Just be thankful they aren't magical, or you could have some real trouble."

Spook ignored him. She sat perfectly still on the bed for about five minutes, chewing her lip and looking remarkably normal. Ash and Alara watched her intently, half relieved she hadn't freaked out, half worried as to what their author was plotting now. Finally Spook leapt to her feet and grabbed a pair of boots from under the bed, muttering rapidly to herself.

"What on earth are you doing?" Alara asked, watching Spook in utter consternation.

"We've got to find those kooks before they do any damage!" replied Spook, rummaging for her binoculars. "We're on a Van Helsing hunt!"

The End

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