April 22'nd

"Hey, did you bring any money?"

Chaos looked up, searching for the source of the question, only to find Lindsey starring back at him expectantly. It was nearly enough to make his brain pop. Even after two hours  in the obviously stolen convertible, he couldn't put together what was going on. He still held the hope that he was dreaming, but with every passing second he was doubting it more and more.

"No, I didn't really get the chance to grab anything" Chaos answered, checking his pockets to make sure there wasn't a bill stuck inside. "Nothing?" she asked. "At all?"

"Not a thing."

Lindsey sank back in her seat, eyes glued to her window, watching every restaurant they passed with a strong sense of desire. Chaos was thrown by this. He certainly wouldn't have written her like this in this situation.

She was strong, independent, and confident, certainly not the sulking type. What's she playing at? he wondered. Aren't they supposed to act exactly as I imagined them? The thought struck him then that he hadn't added to that story in a while. Lindsey and Brendan hardly knew each other yet, but they were acting more like old friends than strangers.

Is it possible that they exist outside of the story? he wondered. Could they have been going about their lives for weeks, months even, after the last chapter? If so, what all has happened since then?

That's when, with a heavy sigh, Brendan turned into the parking lot of a fast food joint. Cutting the engine, he turned to her. "A burger ok?"

Instantly she was herself again. "Yep! Ketchup, lettuce and pickle."

Brendan turned to the back seat, pinching the bridge of his nose. "And you?"

Deciding his thoughts could wait for later, Chaos said "I'll just have whatever you're having". Without another word Brendan slipped out of the car, the door crashing shut behind him, and headed toward the idling cars in the drive through. Chaos wasn't sure of what was about to happen, he just hoped it wouldn't be anything that would make the news.

"You've done that before, haven't you?" Chaos asked after a moment had passed.

"I don't have a clue what you're talking about, " she said, turning to face him with a slight smirk.

"I find that hard to believe, " he said, the same humor creeping into his tone.

"Only once, " she said seriously, for some reason unable to look him in the eye.

"What was it?" Chaos asked.

"When he said saving you would be too dangerous."

"Dangerous?" he asked. "What do you mean?" He was met an exasperated roll of her eyes.

"What do you think I mean? You made him, you should know!"

"The assassin?" he asked.

"Well who else would be trying to kill you?" she shot back.

But you don't even know about him yet! he thought. Then, "Lindsey, what was the date before you came to this world?" He'd never actually set a specific date, but he had set it during the fall.

"April 22'nd, why?"

The End

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