"So anyway what do you think?" Spockeh asked.


At hearing herself addressed Dru looked up. Now the reality of her situation was settling in, she had been having a private freak-out. This kind of situation had always been her bête noire: with no money and no passport, there was no way to prove who she was, get the medicine she needed or to get home. Not having access to the meds was the worst though – Dru guessed she'd have just over 3 days before things started getting tough. Stick to brown rice and veggies and it'd be a bit longer perhaps.


“Uh, yeah,” she said. “The website is a good idea.” Dru took a breath, trying to focus. They needed her help. If Derek could still be cool after all he'd been through, Dru should at least try. Ah, but, said a little part of her, you wrote him like that. Dru politely told that part of her psyche to f-off and die. People do what they're good at in a crisis, she thought, conscious that people were still watching her, even though Derek was talking stratagem. Mum washes dishes, Dad makes tea, Brother shouts. I organise and bake.


Dru glanced at Bentley. Most of what he said sounded like it came right from a TV show, but then so did what came from Spockeh's lot. Unbidden, an image of Jessica Rabbit popped into her head saying, 'I'm not bad... I'm just drawn that way.' Dru giggled and all eyes turned to her.

“You got something to add, princess?” Bentley asked.

“Yes, actually I do.” Dru stood, as Derek leant against the piano. “The website is a good idea, but we still need to find a way to let other protagonizers know about it, and the main way to do that is tell them on Protag it's self. Also, we need to get in touch with the rest of the network, let them know this latest development. Especially Dark. Fictionals have no money, and Spock, I'm assuming you have a limited supply as well.” When he nodded, Dru continued muttering slightly and her eyes unfocussing, oblivious to the loaded looks the others were giving each other. “Well, then it'll be make do and mend, dumpster diving and charity shops. We're like to need more comps... oh and if Dark could fedex... Some proper clothes would be nice. Hum, we'll need to tell Crym he can stop-” Dru suddenly stopped and blinked. “I'm gonna need a piece of paper.” she said.


As the sun rose higher over Ohio, plans were made and supplies gathered. Derek, Digger, Bugger and Trucker went out dumpster diving off office blocks for computer parts, while Spockeh, Scortch and Phoenix went shopping, both for mundane items and ingredients for The Anarchist's Cookbook, leaving Dru and Ninja to contact the network, get Dark to courier her passport and credit card and make a cryptic thread in the Protagonize Pub.


Waiting for the others to come back from their pilfering, Dru leant back in the computer chair and closed her eyes. Looks like things are coming together, she thought with a smile, as the wall beside her exploded.

The End

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