Hang On One Pancake-Flipping Moment...

Little did Elorie know, but at that very moment, somewhere in a small rainy island on the other side of the world in an even smaller room in an unremarkable looking Army house, something equally as strange was going on.

Beepity beep! Beepity beep! Beepity beep! Went the small bedside alarm in it's usual irritating fashion.

"Gnaaaah! Shuddup you stinking thing!" snarled a voice from under a tangled mess of duvet, matress and limbs. A hand groped out from under the blanket, hunting for the off button and muttering vengefully in Latin.

"I'll get that!" says a voice, and the beeping stops.

"Thankees kindly." said the hand, beginning to wrestle it's way out of the duvet. Soon a tousled head pokes out from under the duvet to join the hand and a pair of bleary eyes peered about, looking for the source of the help.

"Hmm," said the owner of the voice, a tall individual with scraggy black hair and a slightly mangy look about him. "I wasn't quite expecting this. So you're the infamous SpookOfNight?"

"Yeh, what of it?" said Spook, scrambling out of her bed and hunting on the floor for her boots. The figure shook his head and called back to a second figure in the room.

"Not quite as threatening as you'd think is she Alara?" he called. "Then again, appeareances can be deceptive. We both know that."

"Indeed." said Alara, stepping forward to peer at Spook, who was now looking at them with an expression usually worn by confused ferrets who've just come out of a tumble dryer. She shook her head, chewing her lip and inspecting her visitors carefully:

"Alara... I know that name. And you, you're familiar too... now where have I seen you..." Then, something seemed to click and Spook ricocheted backwards onto the bed. Alara stepped forward, but Spook skittered across the room, grabbing a spork from the bedside table and brandishing it as if it were a sword.

"Hang on a pancake-flipping minute!" she yelped, "What are you two doing here? Get back in my head! What the fuzzballs are you doing here? And don't get too close, I know how to use this thing!"

The two characters looked at her for a moment, Alara looking slightly amused by the antics of her young author. Then she turned to her companion and said:

"You know Ash, I think this might be a bit harder than we'd first have thought..."

The End

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