The Next Move

Spockeh took a seat and took a better look at his new guests. One of them, Dru, looked like she didn't just wake up on the wrong side of the bed, it looked like the bed had tossed her off of it. He could tell she was still a bit aprehensive about being surrounded by what she thought was still a loose cannon waiting to go off, but he knew that if he could keep things from going down the path of FYM, that cannon wouldn't go off. Derek, well, he was diferent story.

Derek looked like the perfect example of a 40's - 50's detective comic's detective. Large brown duster, accented with a darker shirt underneith. Unlike Dru, he stood calm and collected near the piano. He kept his hands near his waist, making Spockeh wonder if he had any weapons hidden underneith the large coat. His examination of Derek was cut short by Dru coughing up a lung.

"Scorch, why don't you make us some coffee here? I think we all could use a cup or two." Spockeh suggested. Scorch nodded and then ducked into the kitchen. The sound of the coffee brewer, well, brewing, followed soon behind.

Switching gears, Spockeh began the discussion which he knew they would have to get to now or later. "Alright Dru, now that you're here, and trust me, that solves a few problems, we have another plan to figure out: What next?" The question hung in the air for a few seconds before anyone answered.

"Well I think we need to try to locate which villians have escaped from your guys' Protagonize. Also, we need to try to get in touch with some other authors, see if their guys haven't jumped ship too." Digger suggested, "I mean, we can't just go blindly into this fight if we don't know what we might run into."

"I agree, we could easily set up a group up on it too so that the authors could easily communicate with eachother." Trucker added. Scorch walked into the room with a TV tray full with mugs of coffee, there were also little cups full of sugar and other coffee necisites.

"Good idea guys, communication's key with anything these days, but I don't know if keeping it on Protag is a good idea. I think that if we're keeping our plans on Protag for everyone to see, then everyone else, including some unwanted eyes." Spockeh commented.

"I agree, I could easily set up a webpage that only certain people would be able to get into. I mean, we could have some hackers and other malcontnents trying to get into it so I'd have to set up firewalls and redundant..." Bugger began to dissertate.

"Ok, thanks Bugger, now, back to the main idea. What next after we communicate with the others?" Spockeh said, saving the group from a long dissertation on how Bugger was going to set up a dedicated site for the Protag authors to communicate on.

"Well, I think it's an easy question to answer, we bring the fight to the villians." Trucker answered. Scorch and Digger smiled, they always liked bringing a fight to someone's doorstep.

"One problem guys, this is a different battlefield here. We got laws up the Mississippi that are going to make our job alot more interesting. Plus, we don't know who the villians are and where they are." Phoenix said, "Plus, we aren't alone on this effort this time." She nodded over towards Dru and Derek.

Spockeh facepalmed himself, "Aw geeze, I almost forgot that you guys were there. Please forgive me. What do you think we should do? I mean you have a better grip on the situation as you were one of the first people to realize this problem. And plus, someone who doesn't try to set the nearest thing on fire that jumps out at them is a voice to keep an ear tuned to." He stole a quick glance over towards Scorch who was joking around with Digger and Trucker.  He looked up at them and winked.

Spockeh shook his head in defeat, "I can't win," he said quitely to himself, "So anyway what do you think?"

The End

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