Born Of Chaos

10 A.M. Most people would have been up for hours now, especially on a Monday, but then again most people didn't stay up past 4 A.M. working on a game mod. Most people woke up to an alarm. Chaos? He woke up to a blurry figure hovering over his face with a hand clasped over his mouth.

I must still be asleep, he thought. Otherwise I'd be freaking out. He just starred up at the boy, the faintest feeling of recognition floating around in the back of his tired mind. He blinked a couple of times, trying to rid himself of the nearly overwhelming desire to slip back into unconsciousness, and raised himself up onto his elbows as the hand on his mouth retreated.

Like a switch had been flipped, his brain reluctantly switched from hibernate to all engines go. As the sparks began to fly, he spoke the first question that came to mind. "Who are you?" Holding back a cringe, he chided himself. He always hated when people asked that in movies, as if the bad guy would simply tell you. Then, if they ever actually did, you usually ended up dead. It was just one of many pet peeves.

"Brendan Miers, " the boy spoke in a hushed, quick breath. "I'm here to rescue you. Get dressed." As the boy took a few steps back, Chaos gathered his groggy willpower and stood, all the while wondering what he meant. Rescue me? From what? Boredom? But even in his pessimism, he tried to remember what was happening. Of course, this was a dream, and he planned on writing it down once he woke up.

As he rifled through his closet for a clean shirt, he kept the questions flowing. "So, if you're rescuing me, that means someone is coming for me. What did I do to upset someone that bad, and why are you helping?"

A grin flashed across Brendan's face, then disappeared just as quickly, leaving him to wonder if his tired mind was simply playing tricks on him. "I see where he gets it from, " Brendan said, mostly to himself. "Someone who you know very intimately is going to kill you, so that you don't reveal their secrets. You wouldn't believe me if I told you any more."

But Chaos was stuck a few moments in the past. That grin. It looked so familiar. But from where? It's not like he had a huge social circle. In fact, most of the people he knew, he only knew online. That was when it clicked. Online. Protagonize. My story.

"I'm dreaming about my characters, " Chaos muttered, taking his turn to talk to himself.

Brendan reached inside his pants pocket, though this simple move coupled with the new knowledge of who this person was had Chaos' heart beating a mile a minute. "Well, close enough for now. Lindsey's waiting in the car outside." Then Brendan pulled a folded piece of paper out, setting it down on Chaos' pillow. Making his way to the window that Chaos hadn't even noticed was open, he grabbed hold of a rope dangling from the sill. "What's that?" Chaos asked, nodding in the direction of the square of paper.

"Ransom note. Now come on, we haven't got all day." With that, Brendan disappeared over the edge, sliding down the rope two stories to the ground like he did it every day. Chaos, on the other hand, had a fear of heights, and even this short distance was enough to make the blood run from his face.

But, if Brendan and Lindsey are here, he thought. That means the assassin could be too. That particularly motivating thought in mind, he decided the rope didn't look quite so bad any more.

The End

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