An Evasion

As they were hustled into the house, Dru's bemused brain struggled to take in details. One minute she was at home pissing about with Ash, now she was apparently half way across the world, blinking in the sunlight, with no money, no phone, no clothes, no meds. But worst of all no clue how or why she'd got there. But then, she though, what about any of this makes sense?

Derek, just beside her, was a calm and solid presence. He encouraged her to sit. A glass was pressed into her hand, and she reflexively took a drink. Dru coughed as the burning liquor flowed down her throat.

"Holy-" she coughed again. "Man, that's rough," Dru said, coming back to herself.

"How you feeling Hun?" a woman sat next to her asked.

"Better. Thanks," Dru said. She looked around, taking in the room, the men, her gaze finally falling back on the woman.

"You must be Phoenix?" Dru said to the woman. Phoenix nodded, a tight smile on her face.

"That's me," she said. Dru looked again at the men.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I have no clue..." she trailed off as one stood forward.

"It's okay. I'm Spockeh" he said holding out a hand. Dru stood and cautiously shook it.

"It's... nice to finally meet you," she said sounding unsure.

Spockeh grinned at her. "You too." They sat back down, and Dru took another swig of the liquor as an uncomfortable silence began to settle. Before it could complete it's mission, a guy with flamed hair, leaning against a wall gave a slight cough.

"It's good to meet you an' all, but I gotta ask-" he said. Dru looked up at him.

"Scorch, yes?" she said, and he nodded. "Yeah, I know. I wish I had answers for you," Dru shrugged. "But the simple fact is, I'm about as clueless as you guys."

"Yeah, but you can at least tell us how you got here," Ninja said, his arms crossed.

"And who he is," he added, frowning at Bentley. Dru looked up at the lithe man. Great, she thought to herself. I guess he isn't too impressed by the random girl in pink pajamas and her escort.

"This is Derek Bentley," she said gesticulating to the man next to her. "He suggested we come find you. I thought I could... I don't know... transfer authorship of him to Spockeh. But it... kinda... worked too well." She screwed her eyes closed. "Gods, I'm sorry. I only woke up a little while ago and never got to finish my coffee." She opened her eyes as the sofa shifted, to see Derek standing.

"She wrote me to help take care of this problem," Bentley said, his tone and stance matching Ninja's. "Asheyna told us she'd called on you," he flicked his chin at Spockeh before continuing. "She wasn't very complimentary, but I saw merit in your team here and suggested we try to find you. I have no explanation for how we arrived, but that is why we are here." Bentley glared at Ninja, before taking the rest of the team in. "Since we are all here for the same purpose I suggest you stop treating us like the enemy and focus on the true adversary."

The tension in the room went up a notch, and for a moment Dru thought there was going to be a fight. She glanced at the door and cursed the universe for not providing her emergency inhaler, but then Ninja smiled, unfolded his arms and the tension vanished.

"It'll be good to have you on the team," Ninja said, smiling thinly at Derek. Phoenix glanced at Dru with an amused expression, before addressing the rest of the room..

"Now that little bit of male posturing is complete, how about we get down to business?"

The End

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