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After Spockeh's call to the others, he cut the link and looked about, the group was oddly silent.

"Alright, thoughts?" Spockeh asked. He could tell that they were all contemplating their current situation.

Phoenix spoke first, "This is all alot to take in at once. I mean, one second we're in a world/realm in which we could do just about anything because we were fighting against the 'law'. Now it's totally different. And not to mention that history is totally different too."

"Yeah, we're having to basically relearn anything here except for geographics and some other basic princables of nature." Bugger added.

"Uh huh," Spockeh said, "Anything else?"

"Well, our objective is a bit more clouded. In our world/realm, we were fighting against the LitPol and were trying to topple them. Now, we're fightin' against villians that are raising all 9 circles of hell and we don't know where or when nor how. I'd say that's a problem." Digger commented. The others agreed, including Spockeh, their goal was a bit more greyed, but still there.

"That and I can't just run out there and look for the stuff to make C4 or something like it. I mean, I'll get picked up by the poliece and so will you guys and we'll all be done." Scorch said. He smiled, "But, that don't count me out just yet though, I still got a few tricks up my sleeves." At that, they all smiled. Of all the group, usually Scorch knew a way to get them back on their feet in a pinch.

Trucker stood up from his seat, "I don't know about you guys, but a man's still gotta' drink somethin' no matter what world he's in." A few of the guys chuckled, Trucker knew a few ways to get a pick-me-up too.

As he walked out, the group continued their discussion, "Ok, so, what do you guys need?" Spockeh asked. Of course he wouldn't be able to get everything they asked for, but there were ways to find some alternatives.

"Well I'm thinking some electronics would be nice, we didn't really cross over with much other than what the clothes on our backs." Bugger suggested. Spockeh nodded, he had guessed, "Scorch is probably needing something that explodes too."

"Yep, that I do," Scorch agreed, "By the way, do you have any propane?" They laughed. They could already see that he was already thinking of someways to make the villians hurt.

"Uh, guys, we got somethin' more important that worrin' 'bout Scorch's supply of propane." Trucker called from the kitchen. Now somthing that's more important than Scorch's propane stocks was pretty important. Spockeh and Digger hopped up at once and hurried over to Trucker. He nodded out the window he was standing near, pointing out two people who were way out-of-place in Ohio. The first wasn't too odd, a woman in pajamas looking around, taking in the scenery. The other person, however, was wearing a large tan trench-coat and looked like a complete replica of an old crime novel detective. That was out of place, but what followed was even more odd.

"Is that..." Trucker began.

"I think it is." Digger continued.

"But she's nowhere close and would have told us that they were...." Trucker followed up. But he was cut off as Spockeh ran outside and called to the pair.

"Dru? Is that you?" He yelled. Trucker and Digger rushed out behind Spockeh's side.

The woman in her pajamas looked over towards Spockeh who stood dumbfounded in his driveway. "Spockeh, is that you?"she asked.

"I believe I asked you first, but anyway, get inside, and uh, bring your friend too. You got a lot of explainin' to do." As Dru and her friend began making their way into the house, another question popped into Spockeh's head, "Oh, and uh, by-the-way, who's your friend here?"

"He's Derek Bentley, I created him for the purpose of finding and eliminating any malcontents we may encounter." She replied, "And no, that list of malcontents doesn't include you... for now."

Spockeh nodded his head, now there were even more questions that were poping up in his head, such as how'd she get here and, more importantly, how'd she get here and bring a character with her. But hopefully all would be answered in good time. He just didn't know if he'd like the answers though.

The End

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