Dragons and a plan

It was right when Umber was getting used to the idea of being face to face with two of her childhood storybook characters when the world seemed to explode sideways, settle for a moment, and then explode sideways again.  Before she knew what was even happening, Cren grabbed June and her around the waist and leaped into the air.

"What was it?" Umber squinted down at the ground and cursed. No wonder it was so hard to see. She'd lost her glasses in the minor chaos. Something enormous was below them. She couldn't really see anything through the dust and her bad eyesight only augmented it. But she could have sworn that she saw something red glimmering down there.

"I think it's.." Cren began, eyes wide.

"No, it can't be." June gasped.

Umber waited for them to fill her in but they were too shocked to continue. The dust began to slowly settle and even with her bad eyes Umber could see that the red glimmer were scales. Scales which were attached to what had to be the largest dragon in existence. It turned it's head as if it were searching for something. Then, with gargantuan claws, it picked up something miniscule and then looked towards the trio in the sky.

"What the heck?A freaking dragon?"

"Don't you remember him? He's your creation after all."

The high school girl would have retorted, but the dragon raised itself onto its' hind legs and opened its' mouth. Umber saw the world flash before her eyes as she was met with fangs bigger than she was. But it wasn't snapping them up, it's head moved back and forward, it's mouth snapped shut and opened again. It looked almost as if it wer-

"YOUU DROPPED THISS." the behemoth said in a booming voice. It proffered two delicately closed claws and Umber held out a hand. Of all the things she would have expected a dragon to do, returning her glasses was definitely  not one of them.  Out of the corner of her eye she saw june and cren wince. June slapped her hands over her ears. Unfortunately for Cren, both of his arms were full.

"Th-thanks." Umber said, awestruck.

"OH,PISHH. I HAVE NO IDEAA WHAT I'D DO WITHOUT MINE." said the dragon as it pointed a claw at its' throat where a pair of bifocals on a thick golden chain hung. Dragons could get bad eyesight? And needed bifocals, for that matter. The dragon set the bifocals on the end of its' snout and took in the three. "OH, IT'S YOU TWO."

"Would you mind shrinking down, old man?I can't stand your voice when you're this size." June said. The dragon then shrank until he was only 12 or so feet long. Cren landed and dropped the the two girls. June, unlike Umber who was still wary, Ran up to the Dragon and tackled him. The two fell end over end, and then came to a stop.  "So, how are things inside the story?"

"Terrible." The dragon groaned. "Pure anarchy. Why, I haven't seen the like since I was a hatchling. "


And so the dragon told them. Their story, along with several other stories, had lost their protagonists. This of course left all of the minor characters, be them hero or villain, to their own devices and everyone was the worst for it. The entire place was on the verge or war and no one, not even June's father the king, was safe from it. And it seemed  that every story was now open to the other. The people of Moor were forcefully introduced to other Author's worlds and their villains. Old Ezra, the dragon, had decided to forcefully push himself out of the story and see what he could do to stop the madness that seemed to be spreading every which way. He'd travelled through at least a dozen stories on the way through and had learned something of interest.

It seemed that most of the protagonizers whose characters had burst through came from england.

"I suppose this means a trip to england, then?" Umber said after a moment. She had never been further than nebraska, much less over an ocean.

"It seems so," Cren rubbed his temples. "How, though?I know nothing about this world, so I can't teleport us there."

"How about by dragon? He seems massive enough to carry all of us."

Ezra rubbed his scaled chin at the thought. "I suppose so. I could help the trip along with a bit of magic."

"To england, then!"







The End

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