What now?

So Umber was now stuck with a six foot seven bat man thing that could destroy the city if he felt so inclined, and a half-wolf girl who could easily do just as much damage if given the proper incentive. So what do you do when you've got two characters who have been near and dear to your heart since you were a child right in front of you?

Why, you ask them for details on their world of course.

"So, I know you guys are my creations, but even so, you can't just do the actions I write for you. I mean god, if that were the case, you," she said, pointing at Cren. " Would still be 7. And you" she said, pointing at June. " Would still be 10." 

"Very true. Well,  ma'am-"

"Call me Umber, i'm only 17 for crissakes!" she interrupted.

"Right. Umber. See, there's a whole lot of stuff that you don't write about. Like June's minor addiction to erotic illustrations." 

June let loose and indignant gasp and punched Cren in the arm. " I am NOT addicted to erotica, you horrible man!" 

"Are too. Explain away that pile of 'research' I saw under your bed?"

"Pfff. Shut up." June's cheeks were a bright enough red to match her hair. She huffed and shouted. "Well maybe you should tell her about your stuffed toy collection!"

"I do not have a stuffed toy collection. " Cren retorted. "I have a collection of stuffed Antiquities." 

" 'Miss. Dory the Cutesy Wootsy Dragon'?" June said. Eyebrow raised. "How is that an antiquty?"

Cren was so flustered he couldn't manage a response. While they had bickered, Umber had been writing down the entire thing. If she kept them around forever, their story would be easy to finish!Or would it? Umber stopped her hurried scribbles as a thought struck her.

"So if you're here, what's happening in your story?"

That was a serious enough question to strike the duo silent. None of them seemed to have an answer.





The End

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