Inside, Outside

Dru's eyes flickered as gentle sunlight from the new dawn filtered through the blind. She rolled over with a murmur, eyes briefly opening, and snuggled up to Dark. Suddenly she paused, a frown forming as her half awake mind filtered information. Opening her eyes, Dru took a peak over Dark's shoulder.

"Yargh!" she yelled, propelling herself backwards against the wall. The man stood in the middle of the room looked over at her, a slightly worried expression on his face.

"Whut? Wusaat?" came Darks mumbling as he woke up, both from Dru's yell and being kicked in her fright. He rolled over and opened his eyes, seeing the man.

"What the-?" he yelled, leaping to his feet. "Who the hell are you?" Dark demanded, standing in front of the terrified Dru, "and how the f*ck did you get in here?"

The man's mouth opened a couple of time as he tried to form an answer, and a frown spread across his face.

"Arr, be this man a friend of yours?" came a low voice from the door. Dru looked over to see Liz Rimstone with a few crew for back up. "Or shall me and the girls slice him to tripe?" The man turned, trying to keep both Liz and Dark in his line of sights, and backed against a shelving unit.

"Everyone just slow down a minute," he said the frown turning from bewilderment to anger. "My name is Derek Bentley. I'm here to see my Author." Derek looked over at Dark. "Are you he?"

Limbs reignited by righteous indignation Dru clambered to the edge of the bed.

"Dear gods, I made you sexist?" she said, appalled.


Derek looked at the small woman sat on the edge of the bed wearing faded pink pyjamas, and the naked Jesus lookalike protecting her.

"You are my author?" he said with a sardonic twist of his lips.

Dru stood, glaring. "You have a problem with this?" Derek began to retort, but Dru cut in. "I can delete you, you know," she said. Derek shut his mouth. "Why are you even here?" Dru asked.

"I like to double check things I'm told," Derek replied. "The girl in the red dress – your avatar, I presume – told me characters were escaping from stories and I was written to put them back. The best way to check her theory was to escape myself." Dru sat back on the edge of the bed, Dark in her computer chair. Derek flicked a glance at him, noting his still tense pose.

"Well, well done," Dru said. "You're here. Except you were supposed to be our man on the inside. You're not even fully formed yet; no profile, clichéd back story...Ugh." She rubbed her head. "I need a coffee," Dru said and flicked a glance at Dark. "And then I think we need to make a call..."

The End

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