Unexpected Guests

"Hey Spockeh... I don't suppose you've heard what's been going on with our Protag characters eh?" Asheyna asked. Spockeh, the reciever of this question, did a very Spock-like thing: he raised one eyebrow in question.

"Yes, I have heard somethings about this character conundrum. It's looking to be one hell of a problem." He replied. Honestly, he was somewhat surprised that he didn't just sit there staring at the screen in disbelief. Asheyna, who's story Spockeh had... interupted very early on in his Protag career, hadn't heard heads nor tails of her. And now, all of a sudden, here she was calling him about a potentially destructive problem.

"Indeed," she commented. He could tell she wasn't exactly comfortable with this call either, "We were wondering if you could possibly help us fix this problem. Or at least get it under-control."

Spockeh now was really confused, but continued on anyway, "Ok, what do you need me to do?"

"We need you to see if your...." He could see the hesitation in her eyes, "If your FYM crew has crossed over." Now Spockeh let his confusion show, his quizical look returned, stronger than ever, and his response showed it also.

"You want me to do what? The last time I had those guys doing anything, I think it was back last year! And also, what could they do other than make the situation worse?" He asked.

"We're hoping that your crew can use their... talents to get some of the more unruly antagonists under control." Spockeh could tell that she was having to use everything in her power just to say this. He also knew how much pain his group had brought when it was active.

"Ok, but like I said, I haven't heard anything 'bout them for..." His response was lost as he heard a nock at the door and a voice call from the other side.

"House Keeping!" A rediculous sounding voice said. Spockeh could tell that it was guy saying that. He excused himself from the computer-chat and answered the door. What he met floored him... literaly and figuratively as the door flew open and a man crashed into him.

"Hey Spockeh, what's up?" a familiar voice asked him. Spockeh crawled over to his laptop.

"Uh, Ash, I think I'm in." He said and then closed the link. Instead of old memories, he now had to take care of some unexpected guests. And oddly enough, he didn't mind one bit... well, for now.

The End

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