Against All Odds

In the doorway with her shadow casting a dark shadow into the room stood a small woman dressed head to toe in an assortment of beads.

"I suppose now, in every sense of the word, I exist." She grinned at the two Asheyna's, her green eyes a sparkling match of theirs. As she danced into the room her grin grew wider, "Fun for the whole family!" And with that she sat down on the couch, dagger in hand, and began carving the armrest.

Red Ash could hardly believe her luck, The Knife-Throwing Philosopher was one of her first creations on Protagonize. This Asheyna had dark brown hair, a fiery temper, and a collection of daggers to back it up. 

"So," said Gypsy Ash, her blond curly hair falling in front of her eyes, "What are we going to do?"

"Well as much as I love that I keep showing up to help myself," the blond and brown haired Asheyna's smirked at her, "We're going to need more backup. Thoughts?" She walked over to the small kitchen and pulled out the coffee pot. Usually she made single serving espressos but unless she wanted to play barista all night it was a 12-cup pot for them.

They sat in silence as the pot brewed and she poured them all mugs of fresh hot Irish Cream coffee. Simultaneously they all took a deep, appreciative sip and sighed as the caffeine hit their systems.

"You know..." Dagger Ash finally broke the silence. "There's always..."

"No!" Ash yelled.

"And a helllllll no on top of that!" Gypsy Ash added.

"You don't know what I was going to say," she defended herself.


"We do."

The other two replied.

Dagger Ash shook her head and then rain her fingers through her straight brown hair. "Ok so you do, you have to admit they can help."

"No I do NOT!" Gypsy Ash's face was a mask of anger, her furious voice barely above a whisper.

"They don't help," Ash insisted. Her mind flashing back to the first days of the story and where it all went from there.

"Maybe not then, for that story. But for this?" she paused thoughtfully, "For this I believe they would be perfect."

Gypsy Ash wrapped her arms around herself and refused to make eye contact. She appeared to be muttering to herself.

"We don't even know if they're out of the story," Ash protested.

Her own green eyes looked at her in disbelief. "Do you even remember them?" Dagger Ash chided. "I'll bet they were one of the first ones out."

"Fine," Ash's voice was resigned. "I'll call him."

"Thank you."

Looking first at one and then the other Gypsy Ash threw up her arms in disgust and stormed out of the room towards to bedroom. Asheyna decided to leave her be, she had a phone call to make.

She sat down at her computer and dialed the contact.

"Hey Spockeh... I don't suppose you've heard what's been going on with our Protag characters eh?"

The End

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