Temptation of the Nightwalker

           Lying low in the shadows, Beatrice couldn't help but stifle a yawn as she watched the werewolf bumbling around like a complete moron as it searched for an intruder in the flat. The beast's sense of smell might've been particularly keen, but there was no way that it would be able to catch a whiff of her with the mixture that she had applied to herself prior to setting out to find this place. Fumigatering Berries just happened to work wonders when combined with a simple salt-water mixture. Beatrice didn't know the specifics, but she was certain that the solution had indeed worked its magic after all. The werewolf stumbled into the other room, sniffing the ground and leaving a trail of brown drool on the white carpet as he went.

          "Now, how to go about this?" Beatrice thought as she repositioned herself as she crouched in the corner. "I've got to talk to him at some point. Now's the only 'good' time to do it."

          With that, Beatrice slowly lifted herself out of her hiding place with as much softness as she could allow, careful not to make any noises that might set the werewolf off to her location. She definitely could not afford a ripped throat tonight. This was too important. She needed Crymzon to accept the offer that she was going to propose to him. Without his collaborative effort, things would most certainly go awry.

          Tip-toeing through the shadows towards him, she could hear the werewolf sniffling around in the bathroom. She crept along stealthily, like a fox on the prowl to catch a hare in the rolling hills of the countryside.

          By this point, Crymzon was putting stuff back onto his desk, everything back in order. Stepping into the light she decided it best to make her presence known before she got herself killed from refelxes or the wrath of the over-protective werewolf. Suddenly, she spoke:

"H-hello, Crymzon. I need your help. Please don't be afraid or kill me. You see, I have an intruging proposition for you..."


The End

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