So Sorry Then

Ash watched with a bit of amusement as the werewolf moved closer to Crymzon. Neither of them concerned themselves too much over Darkliquid. Him and Dru were having a few problems wrangling their creations that had decided to lend them a hand, Dru's especially seemed to enjoy wreaking havoc. If he didn't return in an hour or so they would try to reach him.

"Anyways, so no luck? That sucks I'm sorry." To her left he caught a bit of movement, and then a blond replica of the redhead on his screen appeared next to her.

"Oh no way. I call foul... you came to help yourself?"

Gypsy Asheyna giggled and waved at him.

"Yes she did, after Free Your Mind disintegrated, interesting how they went after that one first, she had nothing to do. She'd been floating about for a while and then decided to come give me a hand."

Two identical smirks watched him wipe some drool off his shoulder as the werewolf inched a bit closer.

"What do you say to a trade?"

Before she could answer her computer started ringing.

"Sorry I've got to get that!" She clicked quickly and brought up a new window. "Ahh welcome back Dark!"

"Oh Dark, you get everything settled then?"

"Depends on what you call settled. Dru's all-girl pirate gang decided to come lend us a hand... let's just say they probably wouldn't be our first choice for help."

Ash chuckled, she'd read bits of Dru's Gener-ation story and could only imagine the insanity that was going on over there right now.

"So no flexing of the mod powers to help?" Crymzon was starting to sound a little desperate.

"No... umm..." Dark looked over his shoulder again. "No you can NOT!" He turned back to the screen, "Good luck!" and then his video feed went black.

"We should get back to it too." Both of the Ash's looked slightly impish. "Have fun!"

As the last video stream went black they looked at each other and burst into giggles.

"Ooh that poor..."

"guy, I know. Pity, we should..."

"send someone to..."

"help? Yes, but..."

"who? No one..."

"else has shown..."

"Up." This voice belonged to neither of the Ash's. In sync they both turned to look at the living room and cheered when they saw who was standing there.

The End

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