Hide and Seek

After a few moments of checking that Dru could sufficiently walk without doing any harm to her weary self, Spockeh detailed Ninja and Trucker to Sonosoda who lay quietly moaning in pain on the ground.

"I don't think he's going anywhere boss," Trucker commented. He checked the rope that they had used to tie him up, it was still tight and strong.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean his goons won't try to change that." Spockeh replied, "Keep your eyes open, this place is giving me the creeps, too many corners."

"Heard that, be careful in there," Ninja said. Spockeh nodded then fist pounded the pair.

"Keep your ears on too," Spockeh ordered as he patted his radio. The two nodded and took up better positions for covering the room. Spockeh turned to Scorch, "Alright bud, where are we headed?"

Scorch indicated a door that was just opposite the door that they had come rushing from just a few minutes ago, "Looks like that's the only way boss, unless you want to check the bedroom out."

Spockeh shook his head as he, Scorch, Digger and Bugger stacked up on the left side of the door. Spockeh waited a moment, and then patted Digger's shoulder, who moved immediately and opened the door.

As Digger moved backwards after opening the door, which didn't have a lock on it thankfully, Spockeh and the others rushed into the room, guns at the ready. However, they were met with no resistance except for a few computers and television screens and another door.

"Bugger, you're up," Spockeh noted as he gestured towards the computers, it was possible some information was still on the computers due to the quickness of the raid. Bugger walked over to one of the computers and began working as the others stacked up on the door.

"On three," Spockeh ordered. Scorch and Digger readied for the command, "One... three!" Digger gave the door a powerful kick that sent the door flying open and knocking a person on the other-side over and back into the room. Undeterred, Digger and Scorch ran into the room leaving Spockeh to secure the greatly surprised man, who happened to be another goon.

"Good night Gracie," Spockeh commented as he aimed a swift kick at the goon who gave a loud grunt and was unconscious.

"Clear," Digger called out. Scorch echoed the same as Spockeh took in the room. It was devoid really of any furnishings or luxuries as opposed to the other room. The room actually fit the description of that of a prison cell with a few bunks set up on the outer perimeter of the room. Spockeh then noticed that a few of the beds were occupied and hustled over to the nearest one.

"We need help in here," He called out as he crouched down to get a better look at the occupant. It was a teenage girl who had been obviously beaten by the goons here. Anger began to fill Spockeh's mind before Pheonix's voice cut through.

"Which one of you guys is shot?" She asked as Bugger ran into the room, a small first-aid kit at the ready. Spockeh motioned him over to the girl and then proceeded to the next bunk.

"Not one of us Phoenix got some prisoners here, possibly more authors or characters at least." Spockeh answered. He heard a slight rustling sound on the other end of the radio as he found the bed that contained Asheyna.

"Did you find Umberchild and the Asheynas?" Dru asked. She had taken the radio from Phoenix to confirm. Spockeh looked back at the teenager whom Bugger was looking over and shrugged slightly.

"Unfortunately Dru, I don't know what Umber looks like, but I do have the Asheynas here." Spockeh responded. Which could be a good thing or a curse on the latter he didn't add. "Bugger, can we move these people?" He noticed Asheyna begin to stir in-front of him and bent down. "Hang on there Ash, we'll get you out of here." Ash mumbled/groaned something incoherent as she attempted to sit up. "Bugger?" Spockeh asked with growing impatience.

"Should be fine, might want to take it slow though. All I can see are surface wounds and bruises, no idea what's underneath." He said. Spockeh nodded and motioned for Digger and Scorch to help the other Ash's as Bugger helped Umber who was still asleep.

"Trucker, Ninja, get Soda moving, Phoenix, make sure the vehicles are ready to move." Spockeh ordered, "Bugger, how about those computers?"

"Got a few files off a few of 'em boss, and few e-mail addresses." He replied as they all headed for the way out.

Spockeh nodded then motioned to the door and they were underway.

The End

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