So many questions...

Dru stood staring at the crew arrayed in front of her. Her hands were shaking, and her brain and mouth didn’t seem to want to co-operate.

"Spock!" she managed to gasp out eventually. "Derek. Jackerbie? Oh god." She swayed suddenly, stepping back. Ninja, the closest, reached out to catch her.

"It's okay," he said softly. "You're safe now." He lead her back to the table as Derek pulled out a chair for her.

"Did he hurt you? Are you injured? What in the hell did he make you wear?" Derek asked, as Jack, Spockeh and a tall blond woman Dru didn't know came forward.

“Did you find the others?” Dru asked. Behind them Digger and Trucker were securing the writhing Sonasoda.

"What d'you mean, ‘others’?" Spock asked, as Jack said,

"Who is this guy anyway?" pointing at Sonasoda. Dru looked around.

"Wait, where's the other guy?" She asked, fear in her voice. 'Tell me you got him too?"

"Other guy?" Trucker asked, pausing in his knot tying.
Suddenly there was a piercing whistle. Dru looked to see the woman stood next to Jack put her fists on her hips.

"Would you all shut up for one moment?" she asked, looking around. “You’re just confusing the poor girl, and she obviously knows some of what’s been happening here.” When everyone settled she walked forward and lent on the table in front of Dru.

"I'm Penelope," she said, surprisingly gentle, yet still direct. "Are you injured?"
Dru swallowed. "Not substantially," she said. "They... beat me pretty bad, but I don’t think any thing's broken. I’m woosy though." Penelope nodded.

"It’s to be expected, you’ve been through a lot, and I guess you’re not use to this kind of thing. What others were you referring to?" she said, continuing the questioning.

"The Ashyenas, and the kid with the dragon - Umberchild, and... god know who else."

"They're being held too?" asked Spockeh.

"Yes, but I don't know where."

"And the other man you mentioned?" Penelope asked.

"He was average height, maybe Grecian, longish dark hair. Wearing a toga, of all things. He took the heat away from the torc, but... he wasn't one of us. Kinda smelt like brimstone," Dru told her. Penelope looked at Jack.

"You think...?" He asked. Penny nodded.

"It stands to reason," she said.

"Err, hi?" Digger said, "anyone wanna tell me who he is?" he asked pointing to the oriental on the ground, now hog tied.

"That's Tenchi Sonasoda." Dru told them all, fatigue in her voice. "He's one of my villains."

Penelope nodded. "We should probably bring him with us," she said. "So we can keep an eye on him." No one disagreed.

"Okay then," Jack said. "Derek, you and Phoenix should take Dru back to the van and give her a quick check-over. Spockeh, you think you and your crew can find the other authors and get them out?"

"Shouldn't be a problem," Spockeh said while his crew made affirmative noises. "What about you and Penny though?" he asked.

Jack shared a look with the stunning blond. "We're going antagonist hunting," he said.

The End

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