Spreading the News

Spook, Alara and Morgan watched Elorie and the boys drive off through the sitting room window. Once they were out of sight, Spook cleared her throat and turned to them.

"Alright," she said, "I'm going on a computer hunt. Could you two do sentry duty until the others get back? I doubt our murderous friends will have gone far."

Alara nodded and headed off through the house, pausing occasionally to peer at anything that caught her eye. Spook was surprised how calm she was. Morgan, on the other hand, looked a little more nervous as she followed the older woman off. Spook suspected she was worried for the others more than them.

"Kaykay," Spook murmured to herself as she set off on her quest. Elo had mentioned a niche in the kitchen once, where she did most of her writing, so that was where Spook decided to look first. Squeezing painfully through the barricades between the doors, she finally found the spot. A small black netbook perched on the edge of a kitchen counter, wedged in between a sewing machine and a bigger monitor. Spook grinned,


Carefully, she opened up the computer and was greeted by a satisfying whirring as the system re-loaded. It was surprisingly quiet in comparison to Spook's own dinosaur, and it took less than half the time to open up. However, Spook had little time to marvel at this. She had business to attend to.

"Rightio, let's see if anyone else has murderous creations on the loose," she murmured, opening up a browser window.

The familiar green logo flashed up, followed by the familiar lines she had come to know so well. Spook was surprised - Elo seemed to be logged in already. Well, that made life a bit easier.

"Now," she mused out loud, "Elo should still have a topic in here somewhere ..." She hunted it out and found it. Unfortunately, it was only in one location, and Spook was not happy with that. If they were getting eaten by mad villains, she was going to make sure everyone knew about it. She scratched her chin and deliberated for a moment.

"Copy button, prepare to get a beating," she said at last, with a gleeful cackle.

Several minutes of furious typing and muttered curses later - she kept hitting the wrong keys and making ridiculous typos, which only served to further increase the seeming ridiculousness of what she was saying. However, at last, in just about every group Spook could find on the site, appeared a new topic, under Elo's name. Spook had also discovered the joys of Elo's Moderator powers, and made them all "Sticky" topics, just so they would be impossible to ignore.

Character Issues Anyone?

And then, as if the title wasn't bad enough, the main body of Spook's message would have been enough to trigger the attention of social services.

Hey everyone! Spook here, hijacking Elo's account (because I'm evil like that) and, frankly, I'm in trouble. Currently, having been teleported to Elorithryn's house by some sort of tree-based teleportation, I am barricaded in her kitchen with two of our characters, keeping watch for a bunch of murderous villains who seem intent on reducing us to smears of strawberry jam.

Anyone else in a similar position? Any advice on how to fight off sadistic megalomaniacs and ninja-assassins with a knife on a stick would be much appreciated.

- Spook 

"Well, that ought to work," said Spook, pushing her wayward fringe out of her eyes as she re-read her message, "It'll get people's attention at least. Or maybe they'll just call up the men in white coats. Meh, alia iacta est."

Spook sighed and sat back in her chair. Now, all she had to do was wait and hope nothing broke into the house before Elorie and the others got back. That, she thought, would be very inconvenient. She couldn't imagine being able to explain that to the neighbours.


The End

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