Aggressive Negotiations

After a few minutes of clearing out one room after the next of bad guy goons, which continued to show up and with heavier armaments too forcing the group to switch to more offensive means of an assualt, they finally came to the last door, or so they hoped, in the basement. Spockeh, Digger, Trucker and Scorch, all outfitted with pilfered kevlar body armor and 9 milimeter pistols stood 'stacked' up on either side of the door ready to breach it. Spockeh looked at Digger, gave him a quick nod then opened the door which Digger immediatly entered.

"Aww great..." He heard Digger comment. Spockeh, Trucker and Scorch looked in the doorway and saw what upset Digger: a flight of stairs.

"Fun fun fun..." Scorch said as he and Digger moved to the bottom of the stairs, "No telling if this door's locked boss, well, no telling without giving up our surprise on the other side." Spockeh nodded, he understand the values of keeping even a small element of surprise even during a long engagement like this.

"Alright here's the plan, we'll stack up on the door but going in ascending order on the stairs. Bugger will sit back with Jack, Penelope, Derek and Pheonix and keep them safe. Once we've cleared the room, they'll come down ok?" The others nodded to his plan.

"What about me?" Ninja asked. He was fitting himself in one of the procured Kevlar vests.

"You'll be with us, Scorch, have a backup plan ready, just in case." Spockeh directed. Scorch nodded and carefully pulled out two cyldrical devices from one of the pockets in his vest and situated them in a more readily available area. Spockeh took note of that, smiled and then ammended his orders, "Ninja, wait out here, you'll come in when we give the signal. Trust me, you'll know it when it happens." Ninja looked at the devices that Scorch had pulled out, smiled and nodded.

"Team ready?" Spockeh inquired. Digger stood at the bottom of the stairs infront of the door ready to give it a swift kick. The others nodded and prepared themselves for the breach of the room. "Do it!" Spockeh hissed quickly. Digger pulled his left leg up and struck out with it, smashing into the door and sending it flying open. As the group heard a frightened cry from inside, Digger quickly pivoted on his heel and moved up the stairs making way for Scorch and Trucker who immediatly moved into the room, pistols at the ready. Spockeh and Digger followed close behind and were greeted with an unpleasent and very disconcerting sight: Dru, being held at knifepoint infront of them.

"Put the knife down! Now!" Digger ordered forcefully. Scorch and Trucker repeated the phrase as they spread out covering the different corners of the room. Spockeh looked around and saw an elegant dining room area that was furnished nicely, but it looked like they had just interupted the appetizer.

"No, you put your weapons down on the ground." The person holding Dru hostage responded with a snarl. Spockeh locked eyes with the man and held his gaze for a few moments, his anger and frustration flooding his demeanor. Spockeh took a moment and calmed himself down before he spoke.

"Guys, weapons down," Spockeh said as he lowered his pistol to his side. The others complied but kept their weapons available at a moment's notice. He also looked at Scorch, who looked at him and an unspoken message crossed between them. Plan B was in full swing, "We've put our weapons down, now please, lower yours."

The man who held Dru hostage chuckled, "As if I would give you that sort of advantage, you who have the pistols and I who have the knife."

Spockeh shrugged, it didn't hurt to try, "Quite understandable, now I believe that it's possible to resolve this without any irrepriable damage occuring to any parties here. All I ask is that we all keep calm and I happen to have a question: You ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?" Sonosoda looked at Spockeh quizically as Trucker moved quickly to his right, startling him as he turned to face Trucker which gave Scorch his opening.

"Yippie kay yay!" He yelled as he pulled the pin on one of the grenades and threw it towards Sonosoda. The grenade detonated and suddenly, everyone in the room couldn't see or hear anything, except for Ninja who flew into the room and delivered a swift twist to Sonosoda's knife-wielding wrist, which released the knife, and then a powerful kick to his exposed midsection which sent him sprawling onto the ground. Bugger then came rushing in the door, lept over the table and covered the man with his M9.

"Game over man," Bugger commented.

The End

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