The Wail of Sirens

Elorie lay with her head on Brigom’s chest hoping that it had been the warning poison that Chester had used. She had no idea of the Gods’ influence here, and she suspected it was little to none. Sirens wailed outside and she heard the front door open. Elorie glanced long enough to see Morgan pass through the door and run up the driveway. Good girl, she thought.

It didn’t take long before the paramedics were in the house asking questions. Elorie stammered answers as best as possible. But all she could tell them was that he’d been stabbed with a knife poisoned with something like hemlock or nightshade.

Elorie trailed after them as they took Brigom to the ambulance. In fact, she nearly climbed on board until motion caught her eye and she noted Alara and Prince Hermanus pacing the yard.

“Ms,” one of the EMTs gently touched her arm, “are you coming with us?”

“No,” Elorie shook her head, “I’ll,” she choked slightly, “I’ll meet you there. Which hospital?”

They told her and she nodded. Moving to Brigom’s side she gave him a kiss to the cheek. “I’ll be there shortly hunny bear, just hang on for me okay?” With one last sob Elorie stepped down and watched as the ambulance sped away. Hemlock and nightshade might be poisonous in their world, she thought gathering back her own strength, but it’s not in mine. I will make General Wholawski and Chester pay!

“SPOOK!” Elorie yelled.

“Inside!” came the response.

But Elorie barely made it to the front porch before a little boy barreled into her legs.

“They took Brigom away in that wagon that goes without horses!” Ryan chattered excitedly. “Are they taking him to the Temple? Is he going to see the Pairents for healing?”

“Something like that,” Elorie mumbled as Ash came up panting.

“I found Ryan,” he declared to Spook as she opened the door.

“No he didn’t,” Ryan counted. “I found him!”

“Doesn’t matter who found who I want everyone in the car,” Elorie stated as she moved back inside.

“I don’t think we’ll fit,” Spook stated bluntly.

“Truck, car, I have keys to both.” Elorie moved past Spook to grab her purse from the stair railing. “We’re going to go visit the hospital.”

“What’s a Hospital?” Ryan asked as he trailed after Elorie to the big blue 4-Runner.

“It’s a place where people go to be healed by doctors,” she replied unlocking the vehicle’s doors. She opened one and pulled out the car seat.

“What’s a doctor?” Ryan’s voice queried.

“A person specially trained to heal people.”

“Like a Moyther?”

“Better than a Moyther,” Elorie sighed as she turned wearily to the boy. He looked at her incredulously as if she had stated blasphemy. “This is Sarah’s world Ryan,” she told the boy as she picked him up and set him into the remaining booster seat. “Things are very different here, and sometimes, less pleasant.” She buckled the boy in before throwing the spare car seat into the trunk of the Mazda 3.

“Come on move it!” Spook ordered her crowd.

“Right,” Elo muttered as she realized they had five heads and only three seats. “Morgan if you and Ash can keep from playing kissy face you can sit on his lap. Spook you’ll have to pick from Alara or Prince Hermanus for your lap. Unless some of you want to stay here...”

“Where are we going?” Alara asked

“To the hospital to see how Brigom fares and plan our next move...”

“Didn’t you say we weren’t the only ones with villains on the loose?” Spook interrupted Elorie.

“Yes,” Elorie nodded. “I haven’t checked the forum recently but Druidx had characters loose.”

“Then someone should stay here and keep tabs on that,” Spook spoke with more authority than Elorie expected from her.

“Fine, but I’m going to the hospital,” Elorie stated flatly trying her best to keep from going to pieces.

“Me too. Me too.”

Both authors turned to see Ryan bouncing in the car seat.

“You should take two others for protection,” Spook again commanded.

“Fine,” Elorie sighed. “Just decide quickly.”

She tapped her foot while Spook spoke in hushed tones with the others. Even with Morgan standing next to her in silent support, horrible thoughts ran though Elorie's mind. With each passing second her foot tapped faster.

“I’m going,” she blurted out. “I can’t stay here,” Elorie continued as they all looked at her. “What if he dies while I’m not there? What if I don’t get to say good-bye?” Tears were now trickling from the corners of her eyes. “I love him. It’s our love that I base all my written love on. Some of you ought to understand the strength of that.” She turned and opened the driver’s side door.

Elorie had barely sat down when she heard another car door open and Ash giving Hermanus instructions on how to strap in. No sooner had she turned the key to start the car then Ash hopped into the seat next to her.

“The Prince and I will escort you, while Alara and Morgan stay with Spook,” Ash quietly informed her.

Elorie nodded as she adjusted the seat mirrors. Blinking back her tears, she tried to keep her eyes clear as she headed up the driveway.

“Get me directions to the County Hospital if you can,” she told Ash as she handed over her cell phone.

The End

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