As the backdoor commitee carried out its part of the mission after it opened the door, the frontdoor commitee was faced with the task of incapacitating the goon that Pheonix and Bugger were distracting. This was accomplished with a swift and well-placed kick to a very sensitive area of the goon, who crumpled crying and moaning in pain to the wood deck. Before he even had the chance to hit the ground, Pheonix and Bugger were inside the house with Jack, Derek and Penelope close behind.

Bugger, the first one in the door, rushed in and came to a screeching halt as his entry was met by a 9 mm pistol.

"Intru..." The goon behind the pistol began, however, he didn't get to finish his warning before he was tackled by both Scorch and Digger.

"You ok?" Spockeh asked as he rushed to them from the kitchen/back door area. At the same time, Scorch delivered a quick series of punches which knocked out the goon that he had tackled.

"A little shaken, but not stirred." Bugger replied. He bent down and picked up the 9 mm pistol. "Anyone object?" He asked. Spockeh shook his head.

"I don't want this to turn into a turkey shoot bud. We're in enough trouble as it is." He replied. Bugger nodded, ceeding to his advice, and stored it, with the safety on, in the waistband of his jeans.

"Ok guys, let's split up," Spockeh said, "Digger, you, Trucker and Scorch check the upstairs for anything interesting. If you find anymore weapons, either disable them or 'appropriate' them for us." The trio nodded then hurred off towards the stairs. Pheonix, Bugger, Derek check this floor for anything that we can use, radios, weapons, flashlights, anything." That trio dispersed and moved about looking for any useful equipment. With those 6 taken care of, that left, "Jack, you, Penelope, Ninja and I will take the basement. We might find something of more interest down there."

"What's the chances of the rest of the enemy hearing all of this?" Jack asked as they moved back to the kitchen area which held the stairs down to the basement.

"With all the action that's been going on, probably good. So our surprise is going to be lessened as time goes on." Spockeh replied. They reached the stairs and paused. "Ready?" Spockeh inquired. Ninja nodded, so did Penelope and Jack. "3...2...1... go go go!" As he opened the door, they were met with the sight of a goon that was about to open the door from the other side. He stood there confused and surprised, as did the goon who stared dumbly into Spockeh.

"Uh, who are you..." The goon began. However, his question was cut off as Spockeh delivered a swift kick to the man's mid-section which sent him tumbling down the stairs landing with a slightly muffled, and hollow, thud at the bottom.

"Get off my Sparta," Spockeh commented as he proceeded to fly down the stairs into the basement with Ninja, Jack and Penelope in tow. As his small team spread out in the basement he noticed only one door that occupied the basement, which surprised him. He expected more due to the size of the house they were in.

"Hang on guys, let's have the others catch up first." Spockeh said. The group nodded and waited, and while they waited, Spockeh was hoping that the delay wouldn't turn their Search and Rescue Op into a CASEVAC. Soon enough, the rest of the group arrived with Digger and Trucker bringing Grond with them.

"What'd you find?" Spockeh asked. Scorch held up a hand-held radio and a couple of flashlights.

"Ain't much, but they'll help." He said as he tossed the radios he and Derek were carrying.

"Anything else?" Spockeh inquired. Derek shook his head.

"Top floor's a bust," He replied.

"Grond hungry," Digger commented with a smile as he and Trucker positioned themselves near the door. He paused a moment, looked at Spockeh for confermation, which he gave, then breached the door with a quick and powerful crash.

Hang on Dru, we're coming. Spockeh thought as Scorch, never one for subilty, cried "House keeping!" then rushed though the door with the others in tow.

The End

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