Crash Boom Bang

Spockeh, his crew, Jack and Penelope and Derek all sat in an alley-way just a few blocks off of Grant and Fulton and the supposed home base of the antagonists. And for once, proving that miracles can happen, they all sat there planning their rescue operation.

"Alright, so we have our teams," Spockeh said. He sat with a sketch drawing of the outside of the building they were going into, "Bugger and Pheonix will approach the front of the house as salespeople," They nodded, "At the same time they have the front covered, Ninja will slip in the backyard with the help of Scorch and get the back door open," Scorch fist pumped Ninja, "After the gate's open, Digger and Trucker will bring in Grond for the door if it isn't open; after that, Derek and Penelope will move up to the front door to assist Pheonix and Bugger as Jack and I come up the backside. After we're inside, it's all fun and games until the place is clear." He scanned his 'team', "Any questions?"

"We have an uneven number of people moving to the back," Jack observed, "Maybe if we shift someone to the front to help there that might balance things out a tad." Spockeh looked at his handwritten notes which held their 'master plan' and nodded.

"Yeah it looks like it," He commented, "Jack how bout you move up the front with Penelope and Derek, that'll balance things a bit. Any others?"

"Only one," Derek responded quietly. They all turned to the usually silent but very wise and astute member of the hodge-podge team and listened, "When are we pulling this off?"

Spockeh grinned as did others in the group, "Any objections to right now? No? Then tally ho and away we go!" The group dispersed and began making their way towards the target house in their select groups. Bugger pulled out a small PDA and acted like he was working on something while Pheonix pulled out a legal pad and pen and adjusted her glasses. It was showtime.

As the doorbell was rung in the front, Scorch prepped himself for the next part of the plan. He paused as he waited for Pheonix to begin talking, which she did, and now they were on. 

Ninja, standing a few feet away, ran towards Scorch, who cupped his hands and at the precice moment, caught one of Ninja's feet as he stepped up and vaulted him over the chest high fence. Ninja landed almost soundlessly in the backyard, pivoted around and opened the fence's gate. The crew poured in as they saw their opening.

"Ninja, the door," Spockeh motioned. Ninja moved quickly to the door and tried the handle.

"Locked," he called out quietly. Spockeh looked towards the street with an evil glimmer in his eye and motioned for Trucker and Digger to get moving with their package, which took the both of them to carry.

"Door meet Grond. Grond, lunch." Digger commented. 'Grond' was a steel piledriver which the guys had modified with a bit of quick-concrete for extra power and decorative flames all about the front end. Digger and Trucker stood on either side of the door, looked at each other, nodded and swung the pile-driver back and then brought it crashing into the back door which flew wide open.

"Room Service!" Scorch exclaimed as he rushed into the house with the others quickly in tow. And thus the hunt for Dru was afoot yet again but this time, for real.

The End

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