Forsaking All Others

An indeterminate amount of time later, Dru was roughly awakened by a goon hauling her up. She struggled to get her feet under her as he dragged her out of the room and along a corridor. Dru didn't recognise where they were going, but, as the goon threw open another door and she saw a bed, her heart sank. Now it came down to it, Dru was more upset she would technically be betraying her marriage vows, than anything thing else.

"Stop that," the goon snapped as he pushed her into the room. Dru struggled to control her involuntary sobs. The goon remained standing in the door way and continued, "The boss already gave orders that you were not to be touched. Just be washed and dressed in an hour." With that he turned and closed the door. Dru wiped at her face, leting out a gasp of breath and took another, almost hyperventilating in her relief.


As she tried to calm her breathing down Dru looked around. Beside the bed, which was an army cot at best, was a dressing table complete with mirrors, and covered in toiletries. On the stool in front of it was a pile of towels. On a peg next to the table hung a blue gown. Dru didn't even need to look at it to know how similar it would be to her wedding dress; it was one of Asuka's many gowns from her days as a socialite. Made of azure silk with a royal blue embroidered sash at either hem, it had beading on the corseted bodice and lacing down the back. On the floor were matching shoes, and a folded bolero jacket.


Dru sat down on the end of the bed, noticing as she did, a curtain hung in the corner of the room, behind which stood a mobile shower over a drain. The dress, the... bed, made her think of Dark and her hand touched the necklace with which they were bound. She had no idea how long Sonasoda had been keeping her here - it could have been a month or just a day. In any case she wondered if Dark had noticed she was missing, if Spockeh had contacted him at all, if Spockeh and his crew were even able to-

"Goddamnit!" she swore out loud. Thinking like that was not going to help her. "After all," Dru continued musing out loud, "I didn't need any help to stop my bullies at school, and I didn't need any doctors to get rid of the schizophrenia. By gods, I'm a self-rescuing princess! I can figure how to get out of here by myself, or at least make it easier for those who are coming to get me. Because someone is coming. They have to be. So I'll just buck-up and hold on." Dru nodded to herself and stood up. At the very least she had a chance to be clean, and that was a good start.


The End

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