Not exactly a Magnum Opus

They had found her an empty room, a slab of mostly level wood and a ream of paper. Dru ran an hand over her face. The strip light flickering above was giving her a headache, and the cold hard ground was making her ache all over again. She sniffed, trying not to drip tears onto the page in front of her. Last time she'd handed in a page with tear marks and smudged words Sonasoda had her punched so hard it made her head ring.

She used the cuff of her pyjamas to wipe away the tears and the snot and looked back at the page. Sonasoda had insisted she re-write the entire MOW Files novel in his favour, and so far she wasn't having much luck. The first couple of pages she'd turned over to the goon standing guard outside her door had been met with fists and the paper being balled up and thrown back at her. Dru backed away from the 'desk' and put her head in her hands. This was stupid, the MOW Files was over eighty thousand words and Sonasoda expected her to make him the hero of the book in only a few days? It wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't threatened to harm the other prisoners if she didn't comply.

Once again Dru wiped her face and sucked down some calming breaths, staring up at the ceiling. Maybe , if she tried a different approach; wrote Sonasoda's story from scratch, instead of trying to shoe-horn him into the existing plot-line. Her hand shaking from fatigue Dru turned her attention back to the blank page.


Some time later Dru banged on the door of her cell. The mook opened it and started at her. She waved a sheaf of papers at him.

“Tell your boss I've finished,” she said. The goon grunted and took the papers from her, swinging the door closed as he left. Dru walked over to the corner opposite the door, sat down and curled in on herself as she dropped off to sleep.

The End

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