Evil Retreated, Brigom... Defeated?

Brigom and Elorie were slowly backing up the hill to their house. The four evil doers had appeared shortly after Ryan left. Outnumbered four to two, Elorie thought, not bothering to count herself. Brigom, at least, played Hockey, and had enough aggression to use his axe with some about of efficiency. Elorie, on the other hand, didn’t have the guts to use her sword for more than defense.

Why couldn’t it have been Sarah or Jason instead of Ryan, she wondered, they’d bring a lot more skills to the table.

“You know Elorithryn,” General Wholawski snarled, “you are younger than I expected.” He had a slight sadistic grin. “Fertile too as I heard you have two children. I wonder where they are.”

“Safe from you!” Elorie responded as Brigom and Hermanus moved to protect her. It was becoming obvious she was the target. “What do you want any way?” If she could keep him talking maybe they could get inside in time. Then she could text Spook and tell her to wait until…


Elorie’s eyes flicked from their adversaries to the Willow where Spook and Ash came barreling up the slope, while Alara began to nock an arrow to her bow.

“Get away from Morgan’s Author you Fiends! “ Ash cried.

Mr. Van Helsing turned his weapon upon his son, while Mrs. Van Helsing laughed at Spook’s knife on a stick.

“Oh but dear,” Mrs. Van Helsing purred with sickening sweetness, “we only want to ensure a happy future between you and Morgan.”

“Bulls**t!” Ash cried as his blade clashed with his father’s.

Motion in front of her bought Elorie’s attention back to her own personal fight, or rather the one she was avoiding.

“What I want, my Author,” Genral Wholawski disarmed Hermanus, “is an Heir and an Empire for him to rule.”

Brigom now fought the General alone, while Hermanus tried to regain his sword. A deft flick of the leg and Wholawski sent the boy sprawling and rolling down the hill. Elorie tried to fight in his stead, but Wholawski was too good.

“Don’t let the Assassin’s weapons wound you!” Elorie cried out as she noticed the Assassin was nowhere in sight. There was no need to have someone else harmed as Ryan had been. Ryan, her thoughts suddenly shifted, where is the boy? Before she could think anything else her sword flew from her hands. Suddenly she was pinned, arms to her side, held tight against the General.

“Let her go!” Brigom demanded fire in his eyes.

“Oh I don’t think so…” But the General’s words were interrupted by a high pitched squeal.

Elorie couldn’t keep track of everything in the chaos that then ensued as the General began to drag her down the hill. She kicked and screamed and scratched and bit, but nothing loosened his grip.

“Oh I think you will find I am quite used to pain.” His hot breath tickled Elorie’s ear. “But I wonder, can you cook as well as Sarah or are you only fit for...”

Another high pitched squeal interrupted the General’s words as a little ball of fury barreled into them knocking them down. Instinct to save himself from falling made General Wholawski drop Elorie. Taking the opportunity, she quickly scrambled away from him, tripping Mr. Van Helsing in the process.

“Get the Brat and Retreat!” the General called out.

“Forget the brat,” Mr. Van Helsing yelled, “just Re...” his word became a yowl of pain.

Elorie looked up in time to see the enemy was retreating by horseback into the woods. Alara stood nearby, bow at the ready.

“Damn,” Alara sighed and lowered it, "pesky trees."

“You okay?” another voice asked as a hand was held towards Elorie.

“Yeah,” Elorie took the hand and found herself standing before Ash.

A shiver ran though her at his touch and the moment her eyes met his the world seemed to fade.

“Ash!” a young woman called out.

Ash whipped about to face the newcomer, “Morgan!” The two embracedand began to talk in quiet whispers.

Elorie shook her head, dislodging the romantic moment that had been about to start. She really ought not to be so connected to her characters. Her eyes glanced up hill.  “Brigom!” She ran to where Prince Hermanus was kneeling beside him.

“The Godless Nigiri,” Hermanus whispered, “got him; in the shoulder. I, I, couldn’t move fast enough.”

“No, no, no, no, no,” Elorie whispered over and over. “MORGAN!” she screamed, tears running down her cheeks.  As soon as the young blonde was kneeling beside her Elorie began to babble. “Morgan you know first aid. Do something, heal him, anything, something, I can’t. I,” she began to cry again having to turn away from the wound.

“I’ll try,” Morgan sighed.

But it wasn’t long before Morgan was giving orders to have Brigom brought inside. Once he had been settled upon the couch Morgan worked as best she could with what she had. Elorie sat nearby, trying to contain her tears.

"I did what I could," Morgan whispered as she let Elorie take her place by Brigom's side. 

Please let me be a life line, Elorie prayed as she held Brigom's hand, like Jason for Sarah or Morgan for Ash.

“Where is Ryan?” Prince Hermanus asked quietly, breaking the silence that had settled upon them.

The End

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