A few minutes after their perfect ambush of the ‘goon’ Ulf, the group moved away from Spockeh’s house and arrived at the semi-busy parking-lot of the nearby Wal-Mart. Spockeh had hoped that their quarry would be conscious when they captured him/her as to speed up the ‘interrogation’ process, but unfortunately, that was not the case. However, Ulf did wake up just as the plan had been formed for his questioning by the group.

Ulf began to sit up, he noted that he was sitting on the cold asphalt of the parking lot, and began looking around, and saw Jack and Penelope standing watching him.

“What’s goin’ on?” He asked groggily, he attempted to stand, but Derek kept him down.

“Hang on friend; you had your bell rung pretty well by those protagonists earlier. It’s best if you just stay down for now.” Derek said calmly. Across the parking-lot, listening in through a cell phone whose speaker system was turned on, the rest of the group was anxiously waiting for anything good and juicy to reveal itself.

“Huh, oh yeah, I remember. Yous guys brought me some protagonist right? And you wanted to see the boss man. Yeah, and then I saw some other guy run around and then I went down…” Ulf remembered. For a person full of mostly brawn and a lack of brains, however, he did seem to have a sharp memory.

“Yeah, those dirty protagonists got you good, but before we could do anything, they ran off.” Derek said. Ulf sat there a moment, and smacked the side of his head, trying to clear some fuzziness from his vision and mind. He did, tried to stand up, and began to stagger about.

“I have to see ‘da boss. He’ll want to know where these guys are.” Ulf said as he almost smashed into one of the shopping cart receptacles. Over where Spockeh’s group, and Jack, sat waiting, they began snickering quietly as they watched this spectacle unfold.

“Ok bud, we’ll take you there. Just show us the way, we’ll come with you.” Penelope said, she began walking towards her Audi, looking like she was going to start it up.

Ulf groaned then asked, “Don’t you guys know where da boss man is?” Derek shook his head in reply, “Oh, well I guess you guys can take me, it’s pretty far to walk from here.” Spockeh began motioning to his group to get ready to move as it became evident this could be the break they were waiting for. Scorch and Trucker hopped up at once, rushing to their vehicles to get them ready.

“Ok, well hop in the car and we’ll be there in no time.” Derek commented. He, gently, grabbed Ulf by the arm and began walking him towards the Audi. Penelope stood a few paces back, observing the scene, as did Ninja and Digger a few cars off, ready for trouble at a moment’s notice.

“Yeah, it really isn’t dat far guys,” Ulf commented, he was still slightly staggering as he walked, “It’s only over on Grant and Fulton, that’s all.” Scorch and Trucker stopped in their tracks as they hear this new revelation, they couldn’t believe their luck.

“Did he just…” Bugger began to ask. He couldn't believe their luck.

“I think so…” Phoenix replied. They looked to Spockeh who had an eyebrow raised in a very Spock-like manner.

He stood a moment, contemplating the area around Grant and Fulton, it was a fair housing complex, but if he remembered right, there was that…. Aha.

“Fascinating…” He commented, “Gents, we have our heading.” He then motioned the entire group to their vehicles. As they scurried off, Jack looked at him with a raised eyebrow of his own.

“You already know where they’re going?” He asked

“Oh, I have my hunches,” Spockeh answered. He stepped out from behind a nearby van that he and his company had been using for cover and motioned to Ninja and Digger to hurry on back. And they did, scurrying across the open lane between rows of vehicles.

“What’s your plan Spockeh?” Jack asked as they hopped into Spockeh’s car.

Spockeh looked at him with a slightly mischievous look that began to worry Jack, “We’re getting our friend back, that’s what.” And with that, the hunt was Dru was afoot, or so he hoped

The End

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