A new epic! A new epic failure.

What happens when a large group of highly inspirational, like minded friends come together and create worlds?

Interesting and unorthadox explorations into the unknown.

What happens when a large group of nutters come together and share their madness with each other?

Exactly the same thing.

Crymzon sighed as he tapped away at his keyboard. He was beginning to feel like his eyes were melting. He'd been at this for three days straight now and was cursing the day he'd decided to put pen to paper.

Something was drooling onto his shoulder.

"Hrmm ... what about that one?" Said a gruff voice from behind him as a claw poked at the screen.

He sighed ... of all of his characters that had decided to give him a hand it had to be an 8 foot werewolf with bathing issues and no knowledge of what a breath mint was.

"No .. that one's still live look."

He pointed at one of Asheyna's chapters and scratched his head.

"Plus, Ash tends to keep a close eye on her creations."

His computer started ringing as a little screen popped up. A bright sunny face was smiling back at him.

"Speak of the devil ... hello Ash ..."

"Crym! Hows the search going? Found them yet? Ohh I see you draughted in some help?"

There was a deep chuckle down Crymzon's ear as something wet and slimy dropped onto his neck. He grimaced giving her a look that could cut diamonds.

"Yes. It appears I did. It's 4am ... I take it you called to laugh at me or do you have some useful information?"

"No no just checking in ... how goes the search?"

"Tiny needle ... very big haystack. How did we manage to lose them in the first place? They're called Archvillains because they are big .. and flamboyant ... and ludicrously, cheesily, obvious! They aren't supposed to get together and decide to do one! One plotting scheming bad guy I can understand but twelve of them?!"

Ash scratched her head.

"Yes I suppose that was a bit careless wasn't it?"

"Shouldn't we have predicted that something like this was going to happen when our characters started coming to life and writing bits of their own plot?"

The computer started ringing again as another little screen popped up.

Dark Liquid peered down his webcam at an increasingly agitated Crymzon.

"Evening. Who rocked your boat? You aren't still complaining are you? We won't be able to find out what they're upto until we work out which stories they've gone missing from."

Ash nodded grinning at Crymzon who could feel the veins in his neck trying force their way through his skin.

"I'm aware of that but you're a mod. You could be doing this a lot quicker than me. How many thousands of stories have I got to sift through? How do I even know they've gone missing in the first place?"

Dark mumbled something firing a look over his shoulder. He spun round as a very audible crash came from behind him and his screen blinked out.



The End

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