Oh, I loved it. Skye's ability to change tones and emotion so fast should be counted as a power.

" to help?" she asked.

We both grinned at each other from behind her back as she led us out of the wing.

Charlie started to run ahead, but was instanstly blown back by an odd wind. He then turned invisible and dashed aside, avoiding it. With that, Skye ran fdorward, and created a bowl of sorts, with wind holding everything in.

She concentrated on it,  then when she realized that Charlie wasn't there, let it go and sighed.

I grinned to myself, realizing that Charlie was right beside her.

She seemed to realize too, but before Charlie did, because she whippe dto the side and slapped the air.

"Ow!" was all I heard, when a figure appeared right beside her, Charlie.

"Don't do that!!" She yelled as him, this time I thin kshe really was mad. I went up to them, and put up a force field that they couldn't see. I don't think they even realized to was there, until too late.

"Hey, no more wind walls!" Charlie shouted, "If I can't run or be invisible, you can;t do a wind wall!"

"That's not me!" She exclaimed.

THey both turned toward me. Charlie grinned and Skye rolled her eyes. 

"THis is so immature you guys, we gotta go!"

We all jogged off, Charlie grinning smugly because we were so slow, and Skye huffing gusts of wind knocking down anything in our path.

"Anyone seen outside a building will be hurled into the lake!" a voice boomed of of the loud speaker. I immediatly knew it was the perpetraitor. "Everyone, go to your rooms or stay in the sick ward. I will deal with you later. Anyone caught breaking these rules will be..." He trailed off, everyone guping because they knew what he meant.

"Should you obey?" Charlie quesioned., I didn't want to go, but he also didn't want to be scorched.


The End

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