The hospital ward was in a complete mess. Fires burned here and there as those who were still able to walk tried desperately to put them out. Aidan and Skye ran toward the wreckage, "Did everyone survive?" Skye asked one of the nurses anxiously. 

"Yes, so far everyone is still alive and accounted for, they're on cots and stretchers over there," the nurse replied as she pointed to a field that had been turned into a make-shift hospital for the moment. Those with healing abilities were moving from one cot/stretcher to another healing what they could. The two friends rushed over to the field looking for Charlie. They found him standing by an empty stretcher. He had a trail of dried blood running from his noes as well as in various other parts of his body; but his wounds seemed to have closed up, a healer must have gotten to him already. A strong gust of wind started up as Skye narrowed her eyes at him and started moving forward purposefully. 

Charlie gave a quick mischievous smile then turned and ran. Skye broke into a run right after him as Aidan started to laugh. "Come 'ere you!" Skye called after Charlie's retreating figure, "I've got a few words to say to you!" 

'That's not all she has in store for him,' Aidan thought to himself amusedly as he watched Charlie lead Skye around the field. Eventually Charlie came all the way around and hid himself behind Aidan. When Skye moved to go around Aidan, Charlie moved as well, making it impossible for Skye to get at him. Skye huffed irritably, "Why did you have to step in front of me like that you great lug! Do you have any idea how worried you've had me? Now you have the nerve to stand there and grin at me like an eejit!" 

"Aww come on Skye...I was just trying to help..." Charlie started.

"SHUT UP! I'm not done yet!" Skye bellowed. "Scaring a girl like that is completely rude and improper, so never do it again!" Skye visibly calmed herself before continuing, "We're tracking the perpetrator of this to help?"

The End

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