What happened?!

The whole Grand Hall was covered in smoke.  The tables were turned and the tapertries the hung on the wall were singed. The floor was covered in dirt and grime, with spots of blood. A few people were left, cowering in the corner. 

Aidan ran over to them.

"What happened?!" He asked, paniced.

"We don't know," The girl choked out, sobs just barely being held back, "We came in for dinner, and in the middle-after the head master had given his speech congradualting everyone on their success in finding their powers, this man stomped in..and..and.." She couldn't continue. She buried her face in the hands and started to sob.

"Do you know who he was?" Aidan asked, turning to the boy who sat beside the sobbing girl.

"I'd ne'er seen 'im before," the boy said in an accent Aidan couldn't quite place, "but I'll tell you onething, he was the most powerful i've ever seen. I must have had his power for quite some time, and he knows how to use it. He somehow managed to destroy the room, and injure a few people, but he didn't kill anyone-though he could have easily. We're not dealin' with a killer here, but with someone insane."

Aidan thought about this for 5 seconds, then dashed out to the dorms. He had to find Charlie and Skye, they could help.

He plunged through the doors, and almost ran head first into Skye. He face was all red, and her cheeks slightly streaked, making it look like unbidden tears had fallen. He brown hair was tangled, yet still managed to seem like it glowed. Her green eyes were light with anger.

"Are you OK?" Aidan asked frantically, looking her over for injuries and burns.

"Oh, I'm fine," She said, almost seeming angery, "but Charlie isn't. He had to play hero and jump in front of me before a table toppled over. He's relatively OK, but he's bleeding, and I don't think it'll stop." She said. More tears started to pore from her eyes, but Adian could tell they were not tears of self pity or because she was frightened, they were tears of anger, and sadness for a friend. "Do you have your powers yet?" She asked, wondering if he could help her hunt down the lunatic. 

"Yeah, but are you sure Charlie's OK?" Aidan asked. her wasn't an expert in biology, but he knew that blood was a neccessary fluid in the body, and that not enough would kill the person.

"He in the sick ward now," Skye replied, "the nurses will take care of him. Right now, we need to make sure that this..this man leaves"

With that, the two set off. Aidan wasn't sure if he wanted to find the guy responsible,  eh wasn't sure he could fight him. 

All of a sudden, Skye pulled him to a stop.

"Look" she said.

Aidan turned his head to match were her finger pointed.

The End

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