A New Direction

Three Kids find out that they are attending a special school, attended by special students. Struggling to figure themselves out, they must save the world and themselves, before it's too late.

Aidan sighed. He was getting frustrated with his teacher, Mr. Gertan. 

"I can't do this!" He exclaimed for the millionth time. 

"Yes you can, you're just not trying hard enough," was the same responce that Mr.Gertan had been saying every time, "Let's try again."

Aidan groaned inwardly. If this time it didn't work, then he was calling it quits. He shut his hazel eyes, and concentrated. He used his mind to probe himself, searching. What he was searching for he didn't know, but he and his teacher knew it was there.  Some power that lay within him, that hadn't revealed itself.  

Aidan's best friends,  Skye and Charlie,  had found theirs. Skye could control the weather and fly. And Charlie could run really fast and turn invisible. In fact, the whole school had found their powers that day. Everyone had, but him. 

Aidan concentrated, his eyes squeezed.  Ah! He felt something, it was hot.. too hot. He scrambled for it. Inwardly he was happy, but also embarrassed that his teacher had been right. 

Fire charged out of his hands, and his Mr. Gertan was pushed back. A force feild had come around Aidan, and his hands were burning.

"Open your eyes child!" Gertan shouted. He was afraid Aidan would burn something, or heat up the force field bubble and create too much heat.

Aidan opened his his, happiness sparkled in them, he had his power.  He explored a bit with his power, figuring how to turn the heat up, on more parts of his body, and also how to turn it off.  Mr. Gertan seemed to be having a heart attack, so he turned it off to see what the problem was. 

Mr.Gertan's face was red from shouting ,his hair was disheveled and his glasses skewed. He had been jumping and screaming around the force field for ten minutes straight,  trying to get Aidan to notice him and turn his powers off, needless to say, it hadn't worked. 

" What was that?!" Mr.Gertan yelled, "you could have gotten yourself killed! Hwy didn't you turn it off when I told you?"

"I didn't here you professor, I'm sorry." Aidan responded. "But i did it!"

"I see that," the professor said, a small smile tugged his lips, "but you need to learn how to control it. You don't want to set the whole school on fire, or block children out of the loo."

"Wait, what do you mean block them out of the loo? I thought I could only go on fire?" Aidan questioned, he had only felt one power.

"Well, you have two powers, just like everyone else. You can create a forcefield, and a rather powerful one at that. I think that is why it took you so long to find your ability, because you were blocking yourself out as a protective reflex." the professor said. "You should probably head off to dinner now,  I don't want you to die of hunger."

"Alright then, thanks professor!" Aidan said as he started off to the main hall.  He practiced turning his forcefield on and off, only aware of it because of the grasshoppers that tried to jump away hit it, and slid down.

All of a sudden, the wind started to howl, Skye was mad. Aidan dashAIdaed up the hill and entered the hall. The sight before him was stunning.

The End

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