The One Time To Show Your Not Evil And You Mess Up.Mature

Mikhail was sliding closer to Lucian, oblivious to the danger he was putting this guy into, all he wanted was a caring hand for once, someone who could, and would, treat him without scorn.  Lucians hands, those gentle, caring hands, began to wipe away the blood again, smoothing the tissue gently over the cuts and bruising... the bruising that would be gone within hours.
'So...what's your name?' Lucian asked, his voice quiet, soft, amazing.
'Mikhail Dupree.'
Lucian stopped still at that, his hand saking slightly. The tone of Mikhail's voice indicated that no one had ever asked him something like that before, almost as if he was to be known by all. Not only was it a little disturbing, but it was also annoying the hell out of Lucian.
'Fancy name, some type of family tradition?' He was prying, but he wanted to know more, he had to know more about this Mikhail guy.
'Yes.' Was all the answer he got, and Lucian got the feeling, that was the only answer he would get. Wiping at the last bit of blood, he stared at Mikhail, memorizing all the planes of his face and the lines of his lips, the small wrinkles at the corner of his eyes, not there from laughing. 'What?'
The gruff question jerked Lucian back into reality, shaking his head he muttered. 'Nothing.'
'Well, im going, so...maybe i'll see you.' Standing, Mikhail felt befeft as he walked away, leaving Lucian crouched in the snow. Ca-runch. Ca-runch. Mikhail shook his head gently as he heard the faint, yet barely audible, footsteps of Lucian as he followed. Rounding the corner, Mikhial used his preternatural speed to run up the hill leading to his house, glancing over the edge in wait of the confused look on Lucian's face.
Lucian turned the corner, stopped, glanced around and then looked up, locking gazes with Mikhail. Mikhail's dead black heart sped up, threatening to break out of his chest as a small frown appeared on Lucian's face, causing Mikhail's groin to tighten and harden instantly. how he wanted this boy, but he couldn't. It was too dangerous for Lucian, and Mikhail's new life.
Turning, Mikhail walked to his home, slamming the door shut and grabbing a bottle of blood. It was nearly dark before he went back outside to see if Lucian had given up, leanign over the edge, he saw a dark figure sat in the snow, bent over, wrapped up in his own arms, the blood trickling through his veins slower than a london traffic jam. Mikhail's heart stopped, and then began to thug agaisnt his chest.
'Hey, you ok down there?'
No answer. Not even a sign that he had been heard. Cursing, Mikhail jumped down the bank, his muscles rippling as he landed, a large jungle cat motion to his stance, and he picked Lucian up, his warm skin sliding against cold, near dead flesh. Throwing Lucian over his shoulder, he sprang his way back up the bank and into the house. Charging his way down the hall, he lay Lucian on his bed, and stood still for one moment. Lucian looked like he belonged in his bed, and Mikhail would give anything to have it happen, for Lucian to be able to stay. But he couldn't. Sighing, he run the water inot the bath tub, hot, steaming water that would help in loosening up the frozen muscles, and blood, of Lucian, before heading back to the bedroom to undress him. Pulling off his boots, Mikhial started to unfasten Lucian's jeans, his hand shaking gently as he pulled them down his hips, taking his boxer shorts with him. And then all hell broke loose.
Mikhail's body raged at him to posses Lucian, his cock harder than he had ever felt it begging him to waken the sexy, luscious body in front of him, and make Lucian pleasure him. Forcing his mind away from those arousing thoughts, Mikhial finished undressing Lucian, running his hands over the well defined abs absently, without thought, before carrying him to the bath tub and placing him in the hot water, leaving him to warm up.
Lucian's eyes slowly opened, and he realised he felt warm. 'It's official, im dead and gone to hell.' He muttered absently as he looked around the tidy, freakishly well organised bathroom. The walls were covered in white tiles, clean, sterile, the smell of bleach faint in the air, the floor was covered in a black carpet, thick and soft looking, and the shelving unit in the corner held all the appliances, razor, shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath and others. Grabbing the towel, Lucian wrapped it loosely around his waist, and walked out of the bathroom, into the bedroom. He barely noticed his clothed on the floor while he looked around the bedroom. Here also was well organised, the wall behind the bed a black and red wallpaper, while the other walls were white, not off white, or cream, whiter than the snow outside, white. The floor had the same black carpet, and now that Lucian could feel it, it was soft, just as he thought. The chest fo drawers were neatly places at an approximate measurment, the same distance away form the bed, as it was from the doorway.
Walking into the hall, Lucian felt a strange rippling feeling in his stomache, it always happened at funny moments, and now he knew why. Staring ahead, he watched as Mikhail came into the house, his mouth stained red with blood, his fangs glinting and his eyes red. Crying out, Lucian ran for the bedroom, he managed to get a few steps in before he was captured, Mikhail's arms sliding around his waist, spinning him to face him. They stared at each other for a moment, a moment that seemed forever before Mikhail was sinking his fangs into Lucians neck, pain wracking his body.
Leaning Lucian backwards, Mikhail loved the feel of him in his arms, of the feel of his arousal pressed against his leg, and the taste of his blood on his toungue. Ripping the towel away, Mikhial took Lucians erection into his hand, and suddenly, everything was more clearer, more detailed. He could see all the fibres in the crapet beneath them, he could smell the disinfectant in the air, when before he was so acustomed to it, he never noticed, the lines of red in the wall paper, eerily vibrant against the dark grey background. Sliding his hand up and down Lucian's penis was amazing, to feel the hardness of it, the fullness, was the one thing he had craved from first laying eyes on him, and the blood was making it even more amazing, hightening his pleasure at touching Lucian.
Drinking the blood slowly, Mikhail stroked harder, faster, wanting, even needing, for Lucian to feel pleasure, wanting to over power the feeling of his fangs in Lucian's neck, knowing how much it hurts.
Lucian pushed at his chest, the pain of Mikhail's fangs in his neck almost unbearable, and the hand, touching, stroking the part of him that was hard with arousal was amazing, yet torture at the same time, this was a violation, nothing more, no matter how much Lucian wanted it, he didn't want it this way. Wrenching his head back, he felt his throat rip, felt the very pain he feared as Mikhail didnt let go when he tried to get away.
Mikhial cried out, a sound of pure horror emerging from his throat as he wiped his toungue over the savage wound in Lucian's neck, closing it with the healing agent in his saliva.
'Never again!' Milhail growled at Lucian. 'Never again will you put yourself through so much pain, or danger. Had you just held still it would have been over, the pain gone and only pleasure left. Had you stayed still, you wouldn't have been so badly hurt. Why?'
'It was a voilation... That's all, i never wanted this, i only wanted to help you.'Came the weak reply, his throat still raw from the gaping wound that was mending, the blood flow already stopped. Turning his head Lucian closed his eyes against the unexpected tears he felt for this boy...this monster in front of him, his fear and hatred of what had happened to him over flowing into his voice as he whispered.
'I just want to go home, away from you.'

The End

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