The First Day, The New Guy And The Hardest Time Controlling Yourself.Mature

The silken sheets were sliding against his skin, revealing glimpses of dark hair running from his navel downwards, the black of the fabric making his skin glow with its pale complexion. Arching his back, Mikhail tried to drag himself from the dreams he was having, of his body brushing against the brunettes, of his lover squeezing his erection, draining him, tasting him. Jerking awake Mikhail glanced around the room, sweat dripped into his eyes forcing him to wipe it away, the small movement causing the sheets to brush his still hard body.
Groaning slightly he threw the blankets away and stalked to the shower. Cold water i think came the most annoying, smuggest voice in his head. shut up! he yelled back, his anger was worse today, so much worse he was contemplating not going to his school, he didnt even see the point in going, he was over the age he needed to be in order to have to go. i mean, come on, he was three hundred and twenty four years old, how much more school did he have to do, he already knew everything, it's not like they could teach him more.
Sighing he dressed, donning his usual black hoodie, leather pants and red shirt, he grabbed a bottle of a red substance from the fringe, downing it in one.
'Ugh...i hate this bottled gonna go hunting tonight.' At that his alter ego, as the voice so loved to call himself, perked up a little, the thought of fresh blood exciting him. Pulling his leather jacket and blood red convers on her jerked the door open and walked out into the snow. deeper than before. Rolling his eyes he ran to the edge of the bank, throwing his entire body weight into the sprint, and jumped, his back arching, muscles rippling, he landed with no sound, not even the snow crunched beneath his feet.
Tugging at his hood he started walking, the sound of the kids at school already penetrating the quiet surrounding, and the cold eating away at him, both his body and his soul. Glancing to the side he saw the same thing, a black wolf, a white she-wolf and their cub, laying in the snow, their coats damp. Mikhail ran over to them, pulling the bag of meat from his bag and spreading it out between them. 'Eat my brothers and sisters. All will be well, you are under my protection, and i will not let harm befall you if it is in my power.' Turning he ran back in the direction of the school, its tall, dark brick walls visible through the trees. Sliding down the bank, and running into the school yard, he glared at anyone who looked at him. This was gonna be a bad day, he could tell.
'Hey asshole!' came the shout. Oh yeah, a bad day. 'Yes, dickwad?' said his mouth of its own accord, he should have know better as the fist collided with his face. Falling back he gasped as his nose exploded, blood flowing down his shirt and staining the snow a violent shade of red. Wiping at his nose he tackled the guy to the floor and bagan punching, once, twice, three times...Just as he would have punched again, he was pulled backwards and kicked in the ribs, the air rushing form his lungs. Mikhail's fangs burst into his mouth, lengthening and sharpening, he was losing too much blood, about to attack again he was stopped as someone stepped in front of him.
'Leave him alone, he did nothing but protect himself.' Said the voice, it was purity itself, soft and musical, barely above a whisper, but heard by all. Mikhail could do nothing but stare at the strangers back, whilst everyone else either walked past or glared at him. He was tall, around 5" 12, and muscular, just like Mikhail. His attire wasn't as dire, jeans and a t-shirt under a denim jakcet, one the matched his jeans. Mikhail had always thought wearing things that matched, like denim for example, was cliche, but not on him. On this boy, it looked devine as the jacket drew attention to the strength in his shoulders, and his jeans curved around a fine looking ass. Just then the boy turned, and the breath Mikhail had just got back left him again in a gush. This boy was incredibly handsome, the planes of his face so delicately chiselled it bordered on pretty, his Cerulean blue eyes full of worry and hesitancy. He made his way to Mikhail, his footsteps sure, yet slow, almost afraid to startle Mikhail.
'Are you ok? It looked like they hurt you bad, your nose it...very swollen.' His voice rang out. Sure. Gentle. Amazing. 'I'm fine.' Was all Mikhail could manage, he was stunned by this human, by the gentleness and worry he showed for one such as him. A monster, a nightmare...A vampire. 'Im Lucian...Is there any way i can help you?' Lucian. Lucian. That name braught calm to his mind, a wierd fluttering in his stomache, and worry to his heart. This was a boy who could change him, and Mikhail couldn't afford to be changed. Lucian stood and watched the emotions sweeping across the other boys face. Worry. Anger. Hesitancy. Slowly, he sat down next to him, pulling out a tissue and wiped at the blood running from his nose. Hissing the boy jumped away, falling into a crouch, baring his teeth, Lucian coudln't stop staring at him, he was beautiful. Wild. Merciless. Yet completely alone, and that is what called to him, Lucian himself was alone, and he didn't want to see this boy like that. 'I was just going to wipe the blood away, there's no need to growl and hiss at me.' Lucian was right, and Mikhail hated it, he knew he had no right to treat him this way, he was trying to help. Slowly he inched towards Lucian and his gentle hands.

The End

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