“Are you alright?” the tall man asked, supporting Maya up. She did not reply. Her heart had just been shattered to a million pieces, just like the camera that laid by the edge of the staircase. She reached for the camera and tried to put the pieces back in place. The camera had dropped a few times in her care, but none of them could match up with this blow. Apparently, the camera not only had to deal the impact of it slamming straight down on the staircase, but also the blows from dropping off the stairs to the ground. It was completely ruined. Tears started streaming down the sides of Maya’s cheeks, emotions churning deep within her. The camera was given to her by her late Grandfather, and now, its completely ruined.

 “Are you alright?” a warm voice asked. Maya looked up and found herself staring into a pair of beautiful brown eyes, those that resembled a mix of an American and an Asian. “Why did you have to collide into me!” Maya burst out, “ don’t you know how much this camera means to me......”. Maya stared blankly at her camera, sinking slowly to the ground and eventually into a crouch. She buried her face in her hands andd started to sob. “I’m sorry.” The guy replied, patting her on her shoulders. Maya turned to him, “No you’re not! You’ll never understand...” shoving his hand away coldly. She quickly gathered the pieces and ran up the stairs, back to her apartment where she laid at a corner, reminiscencing her moments with her grandfather while heartfelt tears continued to flow.

The End

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