A new beginning {Working title}Mature

Just a little something xoxo

The first time I saw him, I had just gotten into an argument with my boyfriend.

It was our first proper argument, with spiteful words and tears. I had stormed out of the house in a fury, leaving him alone. I was so angry and hurt, my hands were shaking and my cheeks were wet from the tears that had fallen. I didn't care that I looked a wreck, I didn't care about anything else but what I had just gone through. I wrapped my arms round my body, sniffling as I stormed onwards. 

The wind was brutal, pushing against me like a solid wall. It seemed to want me to go back to the house, to face Jay. I couldn't do it though. Not after what he had said. 

It suddenly occurred to me that I was lost. Jay lived in an unstable part of town. The part with boarded up windows in decrepit gray buildings. The concrete was grimy with dark stains pooled against the curb. I didn't like to think what the stains were. I had often come through this part of time, but I had always hurried and I had always had Jay with me. 

The sky was overcast and I felt a cold wetness against my skin. It was beginning to rain. I let out a pitiful moan, quickening my pace. I felt in my jeans pocket for some loose change and found exactly one forty nine. Just enough for a bus ride home. 

The sky crackled almost hesitantly at first, and a streak of bright white shot ahead. 

Out of nowhere, a thunderous crash. I jumped in surprise and started running down the path. My feet pounded the concrete with each step, seeming to fall in rhythm with the now frequent thunder that resonated throughout the sky. 

I didn't find it unusual at the time that nobody was around, I just put it down to the miserable weather. 

Rain was falling heavy now, soaking my clothes and hair instantaneously. I was thankful I wasn't wearing anything white.

I rounded the corner, coming to a stop at the bus station and huddling under the small sheltering. My jumper was soaked through and my hair hung in wet tendrils, clinging to my forehead and neck. I faced the glass pane in a vain attempt to catch my reflection. 

I couldn't see it at first, but when it shifted slightly I saw a dark shape. Someone was standing behind me.

Whirling round, I came face to face with nothing.. Turning back to the glass I realized the dark shape was just a dark bin bag, caught around the lamppost in a large gust of wind. I put my silly, over-paranoid mind to the argument I had just had. I wasn't thinking straight.

Seconds later, the bus came tearing round the corner and was about to head straight past for me. I stuck my arm out stupidly, waving him down. He screeched to a halt and the doors opened with a hiss. He looked really pissed off. I couldn't be dealing with grumpy bus drivers so I gave him the money and headed straight to the back without exchanging any words.

It wasn't until we pulled away that I noticed someone was in the rain. A few feet away from where I had been standing.

A tall, unfamiliar guy. And he was staring straight at me.

The End

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