A New Beginning (A Vampire Story)

this is about a girl as she accepts becoming a vampire and builds up her new life.


I don’t remember much.

I don’t remember much on how I became like this because I was alone. It’s been 6 months since I woke up and I am still confused on how I got here. This new life which I don’t understand is just a surreal blur. Nothing makes sense.

Every night when I look up at the stars above me I wonder why I was given this curse. What I had done wrong. The last thing that I remember was that I lived with my mom and my dad, I was a good daughter, I would help clean the dishes and do my homework, I would never go out...

And right now, I just want is a family.

I hate what I have been given. I detest how whenever you get close to a human your throat burns uncontrollably and the only thing you can do is kill. I still relate myself to a human, how sick and absurd. I am nothing like a human now.

I am much too dangerous to be a human. Too dangerous to even be near one. If that extra sense did not take over me then perhaps possibly I could fit in with the earth. Besides my whiter-than-porcelain skin and frightening bloody eyes I could look human. I was a reasonable height, ok. I was slightly smaller at 5"2 inches and my dark blonde hair waved down past my shoulders like a normal homo saepien. I didn’t have green teeth or eight legs or snakes, the hair of medusa.

And that made me even more dangerous.

What if a friendly human was walking along one day and saw me perched down below them? What if they came to say hello? What if they were completely innocent and had a completely set out life ahead of them? I didn’t want to destroy that for them!

Because that’s what I would have wanted if I had the choice.


So that brings me to where I am now. I feel completely isolated even though I am lying down on an open field, surrounded by nature and animals. Occasionally an owl would twoot or a bird would flutter its wings, but besides that it is utter silence. For I lay awake-unable to sleep at all- forever. I could lay here for a month without moving; just the sky would change from a mysterious glittering black to a lively colourful blue. But to be completely honest, I don’t see any reason to 'survive', or whatever you call it. If I could find out a way to die, I would take it and be grateful. I wouldn't look back; I wouldn't look back to my lonely, monstrous days of hideous darkness no more. I would just look ahead of me. Not caring where I was going, but I would know subconsciously that anywhere is better than where I am right now.

Even the stars in the dark blanket above me had no point of reason. There was no place to guide me to. No clues on how to free myself from this never-ending nightmare that lay before me on this never-ending day. The pain I had to endeavour so much every second my eyes lay open, my open mind continued to tick.

Because I knew, and it hurt to think of it, that I had lost everything.

murderer, murderer  the words flashed through my head, and no matter how much I pushed it was not good enough. Not even the strength that I had gained since this transformation was immense enough.

And then finally, the most painful word flashed through my body, making me flinch without knowing. Because I knew what I was, and I hated it.

 Vampire the voice in my head said, almost mocked at me

The End

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