Off We Go!

It was midnight.

Midnight when the plane had touched onto the runway. Midnight when Russel Verghese finally felt real, and not a cover story. It looked like day. The lights of the city, the plane, the tower, the airport, all cast a false day over midnight. Russel was so excited, so gloriously relived at not being him anymore, in a city that never needed to know about him, that he grinned, and chuckled a little, and fidgeted in his seat. He was free! The passenger who sat across the isle stared.

"Are you alright, man? You're acting like you're high." He cleared his throat awkwardly. Russel laughed. 

"Oh, I'm fine! Fine! I feel as though I was born today! Brand new! If you think about it, I sort of was born today!" He laughed. The passenger shook his head, and put his earphones in. 

"Lunatic." He muttered. Russel wasn't a lunatic though; he was, for the first time in his entire life, escaping the all too present influence of an aloof and wealthy family. He was taking off years of an awkward and painful past like an old coat, stripping off the disappointments of a short lived marriage, and an unfulfilling relationship. 

We can hardly blame Russel for his odd outburst on the plane. If you had lived such a miserable existence for so long, and then suddenly been given an opportunity to escape it, wouldn't you too, want to laugh and cry? Wouldn't you too, be having a "happy breakdown"? It is likely that you would, so let us not judge our dear Russel to harshly, but congratulate him on a very successful escape. 

The End

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