A New Beginning?

An MBA student suddenly decides to discontinue his studies and goes to a new town and abandons his real name.

He is leaving town with a new name, just because he realised that an MBA wasn’t his cup of tea. He didn’t know what he was doing in the college. In fact, he never knew what he wanted to do in his life. If he revealed that he wanted to become an Air Force Pilot or join the Army, everyone would laugh at him to the point where he wanted to break away from his body because it was his body which was the object of fun for others as he was the scrawniest kid in the neighbourhood.


Still he carried on with his life as if everything was fine, though he became known for his newfound introversion. He avoided social contact to the extent of expressing his feeling using words i.e. he started blogging.

Until one day, when everything was deemed to be fine by others, they saw his twitter update- “Now Russel Verghese, now LA”.

The End

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