A New Beginning

Maya had been moving all her life. Duxton City was yet another beautiful state that stretched closely by the harbours. However, she knew this city was different. There was something more to the pictures that she took, especially the one with a silhouette of a witch


 Maya held her black jacket tightly around her body. Lights begin to sear across the afternoon sky, tearing apart the grey clouds that reigned above. Maya looked up and sighed. This was the thirteenth thunderstorm within this month, and today was only the fifteenth day of the month.

  "It wasn't like this when we arrived..." she thought, recalling her arrival in Duxton City. She could still remember that faithful day clearly. It was a Saturday in June, about two years ago, the sky was beautiful. White clouds specked the bluest sky while the sun shone with utter brilliance. However, she felt an unusual sensation that day. Unlike the other states that her family had settled in since she was borned, only this city left a strong impression on her. For no apparent reason, she felt a fusion of warmth and hostility. As though something was inviting her and something was backing her away.

  Violent winds slashed at the waters, conjuring waves that came splashing at Maya’s feet. Maya reached for her sneakers and ran to her black Harley Davidson parked not far from the coast.  Putting on her helmet, she slid in and took off for the centre of the town, where all the skyscrapers and offices were.

  Within minutes, the bike took Maya to an apartment right at the edge of the business district. Maya took her keys out and unlocked the door – empty.  As always she was alone again. Her parents have always been busy with their work, often cooped up with their work so much as to staying out till past midnight and leaving early in the morning. Maya used to have a sister around the house. But the beloved girl, Mariel, had been studying overseas since Maya was twelve. It’s been six years, and Maya still misses her dearly. What about Maya’s friends then?  Due to her parents office jobs, Maya had been moving from state to state, each time meeting new people and losing old ones. It had affected her so much that she quit school and started private lessons to avoid the heartbreaks and lingering pain of losing her best friends. Living in isolation had not been much of a problem for her either. She enjoyed taking rides down the streets with her bike alone, taking pictures of sunsets and sunrise in complete serenity. That was how she lived her eighteen years of life.

  Maya reached for her camera. She turned it on and went through the pictures that she took earlier. Nothing but dull skies and grey clouds, just like the pictures from the past few days.  Maya gasped a sign of dejection. It has been weeks since she captured a beautiful sunset on her camera. She laid back on the sofa and closed her eyes. Why was there so many thunderstorms at this time of the year anyway? It was suppose to be summer, the time when all youths look forward to. “It doesn’t matter.” she thought.  For Maya, it only meant months closer to leaving this place, in search of new sunsets.

  Just then, Maya notices a small figure at the edge of one of her pictures. Bringing the camera closer, the figure had the silhouette of a woman on a broomstick. “A witch?” she muttered, “what utter nonsense!” . However her heart begged to differ. From her past visit to the village of Fevansil, she had learned that witches do actually exists. And their existence frequently meant misfortune and in worse situations, disasters.  Maya stared at her camera in disbelief. It could have been birds or probably something in the sky that coincidentally came together to form a figure like that of a witch. But Maya’s years of experience in photography could not deny the fact that the definitions of the witch was simply too clear to be anything else. “Only way to get my facts right is to wash this baby out, “ she said, running her fingers along the picture “only then will i be able to see clearly what you are.”

  Grabbing her strewn jacket, Maya left the apartment for her bike, running down the stairs with thrills she had not experience in years. Her life had been stationary, and thoroughly meaningless, for she only looked forward to arriving at new cities, to ride through new towns and of course, to shoot new sunsets. This time it was different, something out of her mundane life. Adrenaline rushed through her, urging her to reach for her bike as soon as possible. Upon reaching the last flight of stairs, Maya got ready to sprint to her bike. However just as she turned, she slammed into a broad frame. She willed her body to catch the falling camera but to no avail. A momentory blackout reigned through her head, commanding her body to be as frail as ever, as she collasped into the arms of the tall man whom she collided with.

The End

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