Lost in the fact that this endless white wasteland could be changing back to the place I knew and loved, I didn't notice the smoke had stopped swirling and the woman was now stood right next to me. I got a shock when she tapped me on shoulder. I whirled round and stared at her. She was about half a foot taller than me, with sun-highlighted blonde hair and perfect bronzed skin. I stared dumbly at her. You couldn't get a tan round here, not even a fake one now the power was gone. My voice came back to me and I spoke too quickly, my words coming out garbled. 


'I'm sorry?' Her voice was like the warm breeze on a summer evening. But it also demanded a reply.

'Are you Reza? The shadow of summer?'

'Oh, you are looking for her? Did Jared send you?

I was confused. How did she know about Jared?

'Jared's ill. He told me to find Reza. He said he needs her.'

'Well, as far as I know, Reza left just before this terrible snow. She will be hiding somewhere warm, I think. I'm sorry I cant help more.'

'That's ok. Thanks anyway.' I set off. From looking at Jared, the seasons couldn't travel much better than we could. I set off to find the next rose.

'Excuse me? Could you take the vial out? I can't return to the eagle while it's in. And you'll need it.'

I went back and removed the vial. The light was flashing again.

I set off into the whiteness.

The End

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