United for a Friend: Strong Bound

Blurr walks over to Jazz, “Jazz, has Sky told you much about me?” he asks. Jazz places his hand on his shoulder and replies “Only that she wants you to be proud of her, and about your parents dieing and you leaving her behind that all” Jazz replied. Blurr sighed worriedly and processed to walk outside again. Sideswipe was working on getting a sign of any Decepticon activity as of yet. “No sign of them yet chief” Sideswipe reports back to Optimus, Optimus nods to Jetfire and Hot Shot to patrol the near by surroundings. “C’mon on slow coach” Jetfire jokes with Hot Shot, Hot Shot transformers and catches up with Jetfire. “Where we heading?” Hot Shot asks, Jetfire just turns and replies “Patrolling the area, for any sign of the Cons” Hot Shot mumbles to himself, races in front of Jetfire. Somewhere near by, Megatorn, Cyclonus, Demolisher, Starscream and Thrust are looking for more mini cons and maybe the odd Runecon for me if they get the chance, “Do you think she’ll stay with boss?” Cyclonus whispers to Demolisher. Demolisher turns to Cyclonus goes “Why wouldn’t she? She has promised him she would” Cyclonus looks at somewhat displeased face on Starscream, then looks at Megatorn. “Jealous Much?”  Cyclonus joked with Starscream, little known to them that SkyLark many abilities known as the Eyes of Truths were recording there every move. Megatorn walked along the forest edge, feeling the presence of the eyes was making him feel uneasy and to make matters worse he also stumbled on some Autobot Tracks heading northward. “Cyclonus, Thrust go west and destroy the creator of those eyes, Demolisher, Starscream go east and hunt down any Mini Cons while I go looking for what my princess requires” Megatorn orders. SkyLark was hidden in brushes just steps away from Megatorn, Lark’s mood changed quickly from calm and collected to Angry and impatience. “Your want ice, well I’ll give you fire” SkyLark whispered to himself while reaching for his long blade, the blade itself was massive in length and had a gold plated handle to it. SkyLark Fire Guardian Armour was darker than the others, it wasn’t filled with respect for the element which he guarded with his spark, no it was filled with passion of using fire as weapon and hard as he tried to hide it he too had a deeper and more eviler side to him.


Meanwhile back at the Autobot base. Jazz and Prowl were already to head out on patrol next, Jazz’s Guardian Armour shone in the bright white light his proud face smiled at his bond mate as he placed his blade behind his back. “Jazz, be safe I don’t want to lose you too” Silver told him, while embracing him in her arms. Jazz stroked her head comfort lily, while saying “I’ll be careful my love” Prowls armour has equal strength as Jazz but isn’t as flashy as his it’s simple and very in keeping with Prowl himself. Bomb Box hopped on Jazz shoulder, quite happy to join in the search for me, even though Jazz, Prowl, and Silver and Drift strength, courage and control over their chosen elements they didn’t have much strength and control as Lark has. He was the only bot I knew that could turn fires into beautiful circles in the sky, spell out your name in the air with it. “Warpath you seen Lark around?” Prowl turned asked Warpath in confusion, SkyLark was shadowy then most, he kept a lot of things hidden from the world. “He came in with me, and then he went out spying in bushes I think” Warpath replies to Prowl, Prowl nods walks out to find him “Lark, are you around?” He shouts out, SkyLark preying eyes never move from Megatorn, his grip on his blade increases. “Bit of fire won’t hurt, come to the hunter” SkyLark whispers to himself, Megatorn moves his hand closer to SkyLark, on his count SkyLark burns it with his pure blast of power. “Arh!” Megatorn screams back, losing his footing “Where’s my friend, you jerk!” SkyLark demands back, throwing Megatorn up in the air and hitting him hard with a kick. “I’m not letting you get your dirty hands on something as pure as her!” Megatorn shouted back, as he picked himself up, he charged at SkyLark with the Star Saber in hand. Hot Shot and Jetfire arrived just behind Lark, giving him back up. “Back off Megatorn, we got your surrendered” Hot Shot told Megatorn, as he glared at him, Megatorn glared back frustrated and tried of battle. Jetfire stood just behind Megatorn, ready to shoot him down on Lark command but before Lark could speak a word Megatorn teleported out and back into the base.

Shortly followed Demolisher, Starscream, Cyclonus and Thrust back into the base, Megatorn sat on his thrown, thinking long and hard about something. Tidal Wave and I walked into his throne room, as I sat upon his knees and lifted his face up to mine he smiled back. “What’s wrong my lord?” I ask him, stroking his face, “Nothing my sweet princess, I’m just thinking” He replied pulling me closer to his wounded chest area. I saw the purple and pinkish blood drip from his chest. I ripped of apart of my cloth armour and started to wipe it. “Tidal Wave, in my bedroom there should be a sponge can you get it for me?” I asked Tidal Wave, nervously. Tidal Wave nodded and walked back to my room, upon his entering our little son Mars woke up and cried loudly for his parents. “My lady, should I bring your son too?” Tidal Wave replied back from the other room, “Yes thank you kindly” I replied. Tidal Wave brought the sponge and Mars back into the throne room, I took Mars from him and placed him on my lap next to his dad. His tinny face looked up at Megatorn, hugged him gently “Yes son that’s your amazing, wonderful and handsome father” I told Mars, while stroking his little head proudly. “He looks….so much like his mother” Megatorn spoke again, the burns on his chest were bad I knew it was only a matter time that SkyLark would become more angry and frustrated as the days went on. “Keep still ok?” I whispered gently to Megatorn, as he nodded at me kissing my neck. I pressed the damp sponge against his wounds and soaked up the blood, “Steady now my prince, don’t strain yourself” I continued on. Meanwhile back down on Earth, within the base of the Autobots SkyLark, Jazz and Prowl return from their patrol and as they return to the base once more, Silver and Drift await their findings. “Well, they have been here according to tracks we have found” Prowl starts to state, before Jazz buts in “But there is no way of tracking them since they have the energy signature dampeneder” Prowl turns to Jazz defeated in his comment. “Thank Jazz, I was trying to provide a happy tone to the evening” Prowl replied to Jazz, Jazz smiled and replied to Prowl “Sorry friend, I’m just missing our friend, Sky always cheers up the darken moods around here”   

The End

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