A Guardian, A Lord and A Princess

Megatorn picks me up, in his strong arms and follows Cyclonus to his throne room. “Arh Tidal Wave, it’s nice to see you again” He greeted Tidal Wave, as he sat on throne with me upon his knees. “So this is the femme my lord?” Tidal Wave asks, Megatorn nods as he nuzzles my neck lustfully. “I want you to guard over her with your spark Tidal, make sure no harm comes to her” Megatorn tells Tidal Wave. Meanwhile back at base, Daiatlas is beginning to get more stressed, “Jazz, Silver go to the Autobots, explain what has happen if they don’t already now and ask for their help” Daiatlas explains to them, Jazz nods runs off to get ready alongside his Mini Con Partner Bomb Box. Silver runs into Main Commlink Room, “Hey Link Master, can you get me a link into Decepticon hideout?” She asks, Link Master her loyal Mini Con Partner nods and begins pulling up all inside cameras inside their base. “Stop right there, zoom in for me Link” She replies. Link Master zooms in on Tidal Wave, “Who’s that?” She asks Link Master, Shift who was near by heard them talking and answered her question. “Its Tidal Wave, Megatorn’s Big Bad Guard” Silver looks at Shift “Where Drift?” she asks again. Shift points to the comet fields “Oh?” she replies and flies off to see him. Drift is slicing through comets, trying to keep his mind of the blame he feels for letting Megatorn getting his hands of his best friend. “Drift my friend?” She says softly to him, Drift looks back with his eyes filled with sadness and anger. “Silver, I’ve broken my promise” He says quietly, as he drops his swords. She catches him, “Shh its okay, we’ll get her back” She says to him. Jazz signals to her, she picks up Drift swords and hands them back to him. “C’mon, cheer up” She says to him. Drift smiles then places his swords at his side and follows them both. Blurr waits outside the base, looking for them. “Jazz!” He shouts, running over to them “Blurr my friend, how ya doing?” Jazz says openly, Blurr shakes his hands and shows them in. Hot Shot and Sideswipe wait inside, for them while Scavenger and Smokescreen sit resting. Jazz walks in first, sees Prowl “Prowl my friend” He says, Prowl walks over to Jazz gives him a homie hug.


“Jazz, nice to have on board” Prowl says while realising his grip from his hands. Silver walks around the base, looking for Optimus Prime she suddenly runs into the three unknown humans which hang around with the Autobots. “Oh humans, sorry” She says while stepping over them, they continue to follow her as she looks for Prime. “Oh Jetfire you’ve been called too?” She says openly, Jetfire turns and looks at her. “And who are you?” He asks, “The name is Silvershot but you can call me Silver, I’m Sky’s Best Friend and the Guardian of Water” she replies to him. Jetfire bows, and shakes her hand “Sorry about that, everything is on edge at the moment” he replies. Silver understands him, she knows how things are at the moment, “It’s alright, I understand” she replies. Jetfire shows to her to Optimus Prime, he stands up and walks over to them. “Optimus sir, we’re here asking for your help to find our friend” Silver explains, Optimus, Jetfire and her walk in main room. As everyone looks at them, Optimus speaks out to his men “Listen up men, Daiatlas has sent the remaining head ninjas to help in search for Blurr’s Sister” His men nod, Silver jumps over and joins the rest. “So let’s know your names then?” Scavenger giggles and smirks wisely. “I’m Jazz, Guardian of Earth and Bound mate to Silver” Jazz introduce himself, shakes hands with Scavenger. “Nice to meet ya Jazz” Scavengers replies, as he shakes Jazz’s hand too. “And what about you little lady” Scavenger asks Silver, “Names Silvershot, but you can call Silver. I’m Guardian of Water and Sky’s best friend” She introduces herself to him. “Nice to meet you Silver” Scavenger replies, Smokescreen walks next to him “And I’m Smokescreen” He says as he too introduces himself. “Nice to meet you” Jazz and Silver reply. “Who’s the samurai dude?” Smokescreen asks openly, hoping that Drift would hear him. “Names Drift, I’m Guardian of Air” Drift replies to the comment. Smokescreen shakes Drift hand, “Nice gear you have” He says to Drift. “Its just plain, you should see my guardian armour” Drift replies smirking as he gets praises for his armour. Hot Shot and Sideswipe walk over to the three ninjas, “Hey I’m Hot Shot” Hot Shot says to them. Jazz turns around, smiles “Names Jazz, this is Silver and Drift” He introduces his team to them, Silver and Drift turn then smile back at Hot Shot. “Nice to meet you” They reply. Sideswipe stands really close to Drift, gazing at his armour and weapons. Drift looks down “Err…hey kid?” Drift says to Sideswipe, he jumps back “Sorry about that, names Sideswipe” Sideswipe apologies to Drift, Drift just smiles and laughs “Don’t sweat it kid, names Drift and Thanks for looking at my armour” he replies. They shake hands and walk over to Jazz and Silver talking to Scavenger, Smokescreen and Hot Shot. “These are my friends, Prowl, Jazz and Silver” He introduces his friends to Sideswipe, Sideswipe waves at them; they all turn and smile back.


Suddenly the ground shakes, Prowl looks at Jazz. “Hey bud its not me creating the quake, must be Warpath?” Jazz replies to Prowl looks, Prowl shakes his head and picks himself up, “Warpath here?” he replies to Jazz. Jetfire jumps down and joins the speech between them. “Who’s this Warpath, of which you speak?” Jetfire asks, Prowl smirks “Daiatlas Body Guard, Guardian of Thunder” Prowl explains to Jetfire, still smirking. “Guardian of Thunder eh? Is he big?” Jetfire turns and replies, Jazz follows up “Same height as the Decepticon known as Tidal Wave” Jetfire looks on in a blank moment, “Whoa that big, and he’s on our side?” Jetfire replies. Jazz and Prowl nod and wait for Warpath to walk in. Whole base, jumps as Warpath footsteps become stronger as he comes closer. “Guys!” Warpath voice echoes thought-out the Autobot base, the three or more humans which hang out with Autobots all fall back on themselves with the massive voice of Warpath scaring them. “Oh you have human friends?” Prowl asks, Hot Shot. Hot Shot smiles, pats Prowl on the back. “Yep, introduce yourself guys” Hot Shot says to the humans, one steps forwards. “I’m Rad, nice to meet you guys” He says, Jazz smiles and waves back. “I’m Carlos, nice to meet you” Another says. Silver waves back, Drift out of the base looking up at the sky. “And I’m Alexis, these are our friends Billy and Jim” Another replies. Jazz and Silver waves to them. “Nice to meet you all, I’m Jazz; this is my bound mate Silver and over there is Prowl and Drift” Jazz introduces his team to them, “So what are you guys Decepticons or Autobots?” Carlos asks Jazz. Jazz looks confused how do these humans know about two major warring groups but still he replies “We’re Neutrals, are only reason for asking for your help is that our friend has taken away from us by Megatorn” Carlos looks at Jazz in amazement, “Megatorn has your friend, let us help you get her back” He replies.


The End

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