Two Twins: Two Fathers But One Mother

Megatorn sighed, laid his head against mine “I trust you more than anything, because I love you” Megatorn replies. As my head rests against his, he hands wrap around my side and his lips pressed against mine, I felt somewhat relieved. I wrap my hands around his head and pressed my lips against his. Mars turn in his sleep; his tiny hands moving as our lips slowly depart from one another. Megatorn looks into my optics, pulls me close “I trust only you, I love only you my princess” He whispers into my ear softly, Venus is safe again. Megatorn picks me up, lays me on our bed next to him “Tonight, give yourself to me?” he asks while kissing my neck and purring, he lends over me pining my arms to the bed “Be gentle ok?” I reply as his lips pressed against mine, I slowly wrapped my arms him and pressed my lips against his. Couple of minutes later, with Megatorn fast asleep I lay in bed with Megatorn’s arms around me slowly went to asleep. Mars woke me up in the middle of night, crying “I’ll go” I say to Megatorn as crawl out of bed and walk into the sparklings bedroom. Mars sat up straight reaching out for me to feed him. “Hey little angel” I say softly to Mars, his tiny hands cling onto me as the door suddenly opens and Thrust walks in. “He’ll find out soon enough” Thrust says while glaring at me, “My business is non of yours, I love only him you should do well to remember it” I reply while holding Mars in my arms. Megatorn walks in, “Thrust what did I say?”  Megatorn says to Thrust while standing over him “To just trust her, like you do my lord” Thrust replies nervously and leaves the room. “Was he troubling you again, my princess” Megatorn asks while kissing my neck. His arms gently wrap around my body, “I love the feel of the ice on your body, its beautiful and makes me wants you more” He whispers into my ear, while moving his hands up and down my chest and middle plate. “I still remember the first time I saw you, you were a goddess coming out of water. Mere mortal such as I isn’t worthily of you love, lust and passion” he whispers again.


Flash Back of their first meeting: As I walk through Daiatlas gardens, on one of his forbidden zones on a distant planet which I have come to understand is named earth. I’m standing near one of pools which leads on to a series of sparkling streams. Daiatlas my Ninja Master is throwing a party, he has invited some well known guests like of Optimus Prime on onside and Megatorn on the other. It was dangerous and risky move, but both of the mighty leaders knew Daiatlas meant no harm; it was a celebration of his age and not one of war. I hear footsteps, I runs quickly though the forest and stranger catches a glimpse of me he shouts “Wait, I mean no harm” he follows me to the small pools at the other end. He comes out of clearing, his ruby red optics staring at me, his body tone and polished “Please, I mean no harm.” He repeats again, I pause motionless and turn my foot in icy water. He reaches his hand out to me, “Please?” he says again I place my hand in his and he pulls me down from rocky side of the pool. “What’s your name sweet goddess?” He asked, I stare up at his red optics and reply shyly “Its, Sky and yours?” His reply was short as mine “I’m Megatorn” his voice was easy and trust worthy. His hands steady, his spark unmoving and his optics well he had me at please. “May I?” He asked, as he lent towards me and pressed his lips against mine my optics widen then closed as he placed his hands onto my face. I slowly placed my arms onto his chest and pressed my lips against his, as we kissed underneath the cherry blossom trees and twinkling silver stars. As our lips departed from each, the other ninjas voices could be heard “Follow me” I say hastily. As we run through the lush open trees, past the sparkling pool we reach a small clearing. “Sweet princess, your face glimmers in the moonlight” he says, as his kisses my neck while we hide underneath a waterfall away from the world and it troubles. He stays a while, stroking my head, purring softly to me. “Do you have to go?” I say quietly to him, he nods and walks out to join his men I gaze out of the waterfall, “Boss, is that femme?” one of them ask which I have come to know as Cyclonus. “It is, she beautiful.” Megatorn replies, “Why don’t you bring her back with us?” Cyclonus asks. Another one of his men, slaps Cyclonus around the head, “That would anger Daiatlas; I believe she is his adopted daughter” The other replies. I soon found that the other is known as Starscream the mech which also captured my spark.


Ever since that day, I and Frostbite had waited for him to come back and recapture this spark we share. “And you still kept the necklace I gave you as you left?” I asked Megatorn holding his chin with my hand. He smiled while kissing my neck, “Of course, after all the solar cycles of waiting for you it was the only that keep me searching for you my princess” he replies holding it in his hands. “You’re mad at me aren’t you?” I ask, he stop purring and lifted my face up “Of course not, I could never be mad at you because I’m so in love with you” he replies placing his hand on the growing bump which held Venus. “I will wait for my daughter to come, she will be granted power by the stars” He says while kneeling and listening to Venus, “Oh princess, she sounds healthy” He says, while getting on his legs again I didn’t have strength to tell him she wasn’t his and maybe it would be better having two fathers anyway? I’m unsure, so I kept it secret still at least that way he wouldn’t harm me or the unborn Protoform.  “I hope she will be ok, she isn’t kicking like Mars did” I reply nervously, he holds me in his arms and kisses my neck. The small gem in the middle of my armour glows brightly as his arms comfort me. “Oh, it’s beautiful” Megatorn says while gazing down at it “It’s the one thing which keeps me going, it’s the lock to my heart” I tell him. “So, who has the key to it?” He asks, I place my hand in his “You do and always will” I reply softly to him. His hands wrap around my body and as he pulls me close to his chest. Cyclonus runs into the room, “My Lord, Tidal Wave has arrived” He informs Megatorn. “Tidal Wave?” I ask him, “Old friend of mine my love” he replies.

The End

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