The True Meaning

I felt the Protoform, kick in little bits. My face showed it was painful, “Sky, we better get you to Red” Hot Shot, called for Red Alert to come. I sat down besides the boys, as the pains became worse; Red finally came and rushes over to me. “Sky, is it time?” He asked, I looked at him in pain “I don’t know Red, I really don’t know” I reply as the pains increased. He placed his hand on bump, “I believe it is” he said as he carried me back to the base. Blurr comes rushing to the medic office, “Red is it true?!” Blurr asked nervously, “The Protoform is feeling stressed in so wanting and pushing to be out” Red Alert told Blurr. Blurr said “It will be alright”, as he sat next to me holding my hand. Couple of Minutes later, I’m screaming in agony still, Red Alert doing the best he can to calm me down. “Steady Sky” Red says to comfort me, “Ok Red” I reply as I slow down my breathing and relax. Another couple of minutes “There we go” Red says, as he cleans the sparkling and wraps it in some clean blankets. “It’s a healthy mech” Red says as he places the sparkling in my arms. I rest for a while, with sparkling in my arms still fast asleep. Blurr walks out, with a very relieved face “Well?” Hot Shot asked, Blurr placed his hand on Hot Shot shoulder “Sky gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, I so wish it wasn’t Megatorn son though” Blurr tells him, Hot Shot face is one of shock “She had his baby!” Hot Shot replied. Red Alert walked out next; I was beamed back to base, where Megatorn was worrying about me the “Protoform” which was now his newly born sparkling. I stood there, weakly in front of him “Sky!” He said as he rushed towards me, as his arms wrap around me the sparkling touch his chest and giggled. “Oh?” he said as he looked down. I removed the blankets, looked into his face “Megs, this is your son” I told him. Megatorn pressed his lips against mine, as my lips pressed against his the sparkling moved his tiny eyes upon us. “Princess, he’s prefect like his mother” Megatorn said while stroking the sparklings little face with his fingers. Thrust walked up next, “Sky I sense the child will be a fine warrior in his older ages to come” Thrust told me. “Princess, I love you” Megatorn whispers into my ear, I walk into our room and magically there is a cradle for a sparkling to sleep in. Made of frost, ice and inside was a small card. As I placed the child inside the cradle, his little hand reaches out for me. Megatorn walked into the room, his eyes saw me sitting on the floor next to icy cradle, gazing at the sparkling happily sleeping. “Sky?” he asked, I turned and smiled as I looked at the cradle. “He looks so much like you, my prince” I replied, Megatorn picked me and placed a Peace Blossom in my hands. “Our flower” I said, as gazed at its beauty.


“Its only fifty percentages as beautiful as you, my fair princess” Megatorn whispers into my ear, while stroking my face. “He’s so much like his father” I tell him while gazing up into his fair ruby eyes. “But his voice is sweet and gentle like his mothers” Megatorn replies. “I see no reason, why so many bots run in fear of you, I see only beauty” I reply, while lending up to kiss his lips “I want you to do something for me Sky?” he asks. “Anything?” I reply, “Remove your visor, and let me see your icy blue optics” he asked. Remove my visor, no one has asked me to do it before, I placed my hands on my visor, de attached my visor from my optics. “It is you” Megatorn said, as my optics felt the light shine down on them “Sky, your optics their” He started, “Their so pure, and beautiful” I lent up to his lips, pressed my lips against his as I felt his hand slowly wrap around my waist. “You’re even more beautiful without those shades, why did you keep them hidden from me?” Megatorn whispered to me, his lips pressed against mine as I was thinking of the answer. The sparkling awoke; he screamed out loud “Shh its ok, mamma here” I said to comfort the little angel, I held the sparkling in my arms, and Megatorn looked over him stroking his face. “Mars is your son, named after the organic god of war” I told Megatorn, “Fate has rewarded me well, a loving mate and a beautiful son” Megatorn replied. Mars placed his little hand on his daddy’s, Megatorn smiled warmly down at him. “Mars will be a god amongst all bots” Megatorn says proudly, looking at his newly born son. Meanwhile somewhere in the shadows of the base, Starscream waits for news from me; both sides of me were battling against themselves. Mars’s little eyes blink in the light, Thrust walked in with Cyclonus “May we?” Thrust asked. I turned around with Mars in my arms, “Oh Megatorn, my lord he’s prefect” Thrust praised Megatorn; Megatorn placed his arms around me “God amongst bots” Megatorn thought to himself. The sparkling turns, in my arms, a tiny glimpse of his cannon on his arms appears. “His weapons will be the same as his fathers but in the same place as his mother” Thrust tells Megatorn and me.



Mars yawns and falls asleep in my arms holding tight onto me and refusing to let go. “Aww look he’s already bonding with you” Cyclonus says all excited, as I sit down rocking the sparkling to sleep. Thrust took Megatorn outside, “A fear, that there might be some soft of problem my lord” Thrust starts, Megatorn and Thrust walks in the throne room where they lock their door behind him. My senses go off the scale, was Thrust about to give away my secret about the other twin or not? I placed Mars in his cradle, waited for him to fall asleep. “Sky!” A voice shouted up, I looked down “Starscream what are you doing?” I reply. “Is it true?” He asks, “What, that I’m carrying another child, yes its Mars Twin and your daughter” I reply quickly. “Who do you love the most?” Starscream says while flying up to see me, “It’s hard for me to say” I reply. Starscream sees the cradle rock, Megatorn’s hands turn the handle on the door I try and get Starscream gone. “Go before he comes in” I beg him. Frostbit gets control of my body again, as Starscream flies off again. “Sky is it true?” Megatorn asks, while gazing at my body “Is what true my love?” I reply, Megatorn lifts up my face “That you’re carrying another Protoform” he continues. I could ether lie or tell him a half truth but having Thrust there it was going to be hard to do both. “Mars Twin” I reply, Megatorn realises his hand and as I place my hands on his. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked, “I didn’t know until I had Mars” I replied. “Sky, who’s her father?” Megatorn asks again “Why with all the questions? Don’t you trust me?” I reply back in horror. “I do trust you; I love you to bits princess” He replies while holding me closes kissing my neck. I place my visor back on, to cover up the tears in my optics. “Please forgive me temptress” Megatorn begs, as I ignore him and as I walk off to the other end of the room where the balcony is. “Sky, please” Megatorn begs again, this is my way of punishing him for not trusting after all I did for him, giving birth to his Son! “Sky talk to me, princess I’m sorry” Megatorn begs again, as he starts to kiss my neck “Please?” He asks again. I sigh, turn to him “You believe Thrust over me, the mother of your sparkling”

The End

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